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    Staying together should not create further divisions

    Your power to purchase things can make some differences while interacting with others having more purchasing power or less purchasing power especially if all such categories of people stay in the same place and are aware of each other's capabilities. I am sure this sounds divisive in nature but believe me, neither this is created by me nor do I support such divisions based on purchasing power. In any locality, there may be rich, middle-class and poor people and you may not know their financial capabilities unless you go deeper. Actually, there is even no reason to go deeper to know how capable the other person is, financially. As long as you are managing your things properly most people will never care. But if others know your capabilities then they may try to interpret things differently.

    I am narrating one incident that happened some time ago when I went to the housing complex of one of my friends in a posh locality. After dinner, we were taking a walk inside the big complex and he was showing various sections and facilities of the buildings. At a point, he showed me an area having a lot of buildings, though smaller in size than the rest, and told me those are MIG and LIG complexes and they don't go there. I questioned him why this division and was quite surprised to see such things inside the same housing complex. Yes, there are flats for MIG, HIG and LIG where M, H and L refer to Middle, High and Low-income groups respectively and according to the income the members purchase their flats but when all are inside the same housing complex it can create further division as I have seen with my friend. Rather than uniting people inside a gated complex, this can always create a division.
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    The author has brought in a wonderful thread wherein we have been divided to live and go through the life by virtue of our income and our ability to lead from front. In our state also the state government housing board has the high, middle and lower income group independent houses colony and we invariably see that LIG group has the shops, vendors and other facilities because for the lower income group there need to be supplement income to pull on the exigencies whereas the middle and higher income group are settled and they wont bother. However it is the lower income group which mingles, celebrate and have all types of contacts with others and even reach out to the friends in case of emergencies and the higher income groups lanes and roads would wear the deserted looks with no activity whatsoever.
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    The author has raised a very unfortunate phase where despite our efforts to create equilibrium in the society of the different groups, the owners constructing the housing complexes are encouraging divisions among the different groups with the formation of HIG, MIG and LIG. The residents would like to maintain this barrier not entering the areas of other classes unless the same is very much essential. However, we can see a plus point within such a division. On any holiday, we can see the gatherings of the friends and relatives making beeline in such areas. MIG has the visitors but with lesser strength and surprisingly, HIG complex looks deserted in any holiday indicating their lesser relationships with the outsiders.

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    This is an interesting post by the author. Whenever there is a difference in the financial conditions of the people then it can be made out from their behaviour, mixing with other people, the society where they belong, people with whom they keep friendship and contacts, and things like that. Many people keep distance from all those who are below them in financial and social status. It is in bad taste but it is happening all around us.
    Interesting thing in this matter is that the same people when they try to mix up with the upper strata that is the richer than them then it so happens that those rich ones don't give much recognition to them and then they start having some frustration due to that attitude of the rich people. Same thing is happening which they are doing with people below them. Why it should hurt then?
    We should not make the financial differences or social differences as a yardstick for behaving with others.

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    That is the unfortunate situation in the country. Basically, we are all human beings. One should not forget that basic point. One may be short or long, one may be lean or fat. But they are human beings. One may be rich and the other may be poor. But all of them are human beings only.
    I know a family where three brothers, their widow mother were staying together. One brother was unmarried. The other two are married. The elder brother was having three children and the second one was having one child. There was a rift as the second son's wife thought that the elder brother is having more children they may be spending more than their child. This concept of her made that family split into three families. The widowed mother was with the last son. The second son was in a government job and earning more. The other two or in private jobs and earning less. This is the basic reason for that division of the family.

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