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    Who should we aspire to become, Ram or Krishna?

    In today's world where there is a constant struggle between ethics and management, the revered personalities of our Hindu culture would always be the epitome of the mentioned characteristics. Ramayana and Mahabharat, the great epics of different times with different central characters Ram and Krishna have everything from philosophy to way of life. Ram, an obedient son, a loving husband, a great warrior, a humble character and a just king, is someone can be aspired to become to have more ethical conduct. But he is also strict and vulnerable at times and proved to be a disaster at times, at important ones.
    On the contrary, Krishna, the rule breaker, a women charmer, a strategist, notorious but powerful warrior, is all about giving new perceptions to existing rules where there is only love is the base and conduct can be compromised for the greater good.
    Both these superhumans or supergods have deep impact on our lives in the form of stories but in this practical world what should we aspire to become or is it the wrong question from the very beginning? You decide.
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    Very interesting post in deed. While Lord Ram is the epitome of sacrifice and struggle through out the life, Lord Krishna testifies to be intelligent and most enjoyable character of all time. For Ram he chosen a normal life of being a dedicated son, dedicated family member adhering to family rules, and most dedicated in respect of his wife and her concerns and never yearned to rule the Kingdom. While Krishna life was full of bloom, having tasted the varied intricacies of life from the childhood, having most pampered child and most loved and liked kid, Krishna was never put into problems by his liker and he in fact was the soothsayer to them. So those who want to have challenges in life would chose Ram and those who wants to enjoy life without any hard work and wants accolades and pride would chose Krishna.
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    Ram and Krishna both try to depict the same message to the society but their way was different. One should live his childhood like Krishna because he is the most loved kid of all time and after that live the rest of life like Ram who is sincere, respecting women and a good son who respects his parents and gurus, treat everyone equally. Ram and Krishna Both are in favour of war if the other side is wrong representing that wrong should be punished. Also, wars are raised to protect a woman which strongly depicts that respecting women should be a priority. Not, even a woman every creation of God should be respected. Hence, Mahabharata and Ramayana are not only books, they are the ultimate teachings of living a well mannered and dedicated life.

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    In the past, some people in our society used to compare themselves with Rama or Krishna. They tried to follow their policy and their behavior was very useful for the betterment of society. Fascinated by their behavior, many became their partner and worked for the welfare of society.
    But these days I think there is a growing tendency to follow the characters of different movie heroes or villains. The opposite reaction of the character of Rama or Krishna is therefore seen in society today. However, some poor people are seen begging in the guise of Rama or Krishna at present only.

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    Different leading personalities depicted in our epics had different traits. Their character was depicted as per the story needs of that particular epic. No doubt later they were considered as Gods and are being worshipped in our society as the prominent figures of the past.
    In addition to these two prominent personalities that is Ram and Krishna there were many others which were having specific personalities as per the demand of the writings of those scriptures. All of them including Ram and Krishna are considered as the the different forms of the supreme God only.
    Given a choice I will like to have all those good things that those great personalities possessed but in a real practical world that is not possible because we cannot leave our own identity and fake or adopt some other identity which is very perfect and impressive but in doing so we will be losing our own identity.
    Only thing which we can try is that instead of copying their traits we have to improve our self and try to reach where those great personalities dwelt.

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    Rama and Krishna both of them came on to this earth with a particular purpose and they know what is the purpose of their lives. The common goal is to punish the bad and encourage the good. But the paths they followed are entirely different. Rama never behaved as if he is a God. But Krishna behaved every moment as God. But ultimately they did what they have to do during that Avatar. Following them and trying to become Rama or Krishna is not an easy issue.
    What are the learning points from them should be learnt and we should practice them to the maximum possible extent. Basically, you can follow the path that you believe is correct but during that process, you should harm anybody or put anybody at a loss. It is enough if you treat your pains and other pains on par.

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    Quite difficult to answer the questions raised by the author, both Rama, and Krishna give different but important teachings from their lives. The biggest difference, if anything, is that of the era, the essence of the births of both has been according to that era. Taking the lesson of dignity from Lord Rama, we should take care of this dignity towards elders in life, but according to the teachings of Krishna, we should not tolerate injustice either. I think it will be a bit difficult for anyone to make such a choice as both are equal characters and are revered.

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