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    It is very important to take care of the little things.

    Our efforts are such that we give our best in every relationship, work, effort and give maximum satisfaction to result in all forms and also get maximum. For this, many times we focus our attention on giving big happiness to others, or big efforts because perhaps we have high hopes too, that is why we think same for others. But whether it is a matter of maintaining a relationship, giving effort in some work, in both cases, we should also take care of small things. Just as a programmer does not get the right output without putting even a small semicolon, similarly ignoring small things can sometimes lead to big losses.
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    The author has brought in a good thread comparing the work of a programmer with that of a person connected to relations, work and being professional on all counts. If we ignore the small details or the comma, even the entire statement or the para changes to new meaning and that would defeat the very purpose. Especially when we are sending messages to the others on critical matters, we tend to ignore grammar error and that would convey other meaning to them. It is better to read twice before sharing any message to others and even small corrections if they are ignored would spoil our entire effort to bring in great work. Even at office, just because of our mistake not conveying the right thing to the client, the company has to experience the loss to which we are also part of the happening. So we must be careful.
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    The author is very correct. Sometimes minor details only will create big problems. Major points will be remembered by all but some minor issues are neglected. Generally, people feel that they will not make any difference.
    A small example is that when ladies are cooking, they see that all ingredients are properly added. They see all the proportions and see that correct quantities will go. After making everything if they forget to add salt when they serve it, we all will never feel the taste of the same. Immediately we will say there is no salt. Adding salt is not a big issue. But there is a chance to forget adding that easily.
    I worked under a Manager when I was in my 30s. He used to observe the people while working and used to warn them about the minor issues which may be neglected by the people working there.

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