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    If you want to judge, do something like this.

    When we meet someone at a time, maybe in one or two meetings, we can not understand that person completely because everyone tries to make their first impression good but after some time when you spend time with them, you start judging them, then you will definitely not like some things in terms of their way of life or their behavior or any other matter, and that is probably seen in many cases.

    But if we always keep assessing the people around us, then surely we will see the shortcomings and we will start advising them for this, whereas at the present time our advice will not be liked by the front and then at the end of the day you will be the one who is frustrated.

    So if you want to judge then you have many options, first, you yourself, second your contribution to society, thirdly your contribution to the environment and many more. Why not prove your life more useful with these calculations so that your assessment will increase your contribution and your human life proves to be meaningful.

    Do other members also agree with my opinion, please share your views.
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    Simply telling others to do like that and advice something which they may like or not like and they simply say yes apparently to please us, would not be a correct thing. What is required is we have to show them a practical demonstration of what we want them to do. Once they see that we don't have any inhibition for doing that thing then only they may come forward to help in it or do it independently or simply go away.
    About 4-5 years back, we wanted to clean and maintain a deserted park near our housing society and as we had a big group of retired people we started a campaign for that and initially about 45 to 50 people showed their good interest to contribute in that financially and manually whatever one could afford but at the end of the day when it came to the practicals only 8 to 10 people reached the park for working. Today also only a handful of people about 4 to 6 are continuing their volunteer work there. So people may agree apparently in the beginning for everything or anything but the fact is that only a few turn up for the real work. So we have to keep this in mind while telling others to do something or communicating with other people regarding anything.

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    What the author has mentioned in the heading is something different and explained something else in the content. It is the matter of fact that if we want to know about a new person, two or more meetings has to be required to understand the basic mindset and that is enough for us to judge that person. But some would be more revealing in the first meet itself and from second one they seems to be more known to us. That means they liked our behavior for sure. Regarding knowing our-self and contribution to the society is not in the liking of everyone. Many are selfish minds and they do the work for their own progress and not the society. And regarding contribution to environment, everyone thinks that with their single participation nothing going to turn the table for sure. This is the reality going on in the society.
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    First of all, why should we judge somebody else? Let them live their lives as long as they are not interfering with us and creating problems for us. Are we 100% correct? What we are doing is not harming anybody? Think about this before judging somebody else. Every individual is having some responsibility towards society and they have to fulfil that. As an individual, if we are following rules and not doing anything controversial, we can tell others to follow the rules of the land and see that they are not harming society.
    In our country, many people is having the habit of criticizing the other person. But they forget that when they are pointing a figure towards the other person, the remaining four will be pointing us only. Every person will have his/her own explanation of the action they take or the way they behave. So we have to concentrate more on our own activities and should not try to assess or judge others.

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    it is rightly said that people should mind their own business and not observe others activities because it takes plenty of time to judge a person and the precious time should be spent in corrective oneself and doing something good for the people who need your help . This would uplift the members of the society. For instance, nowadays, people join together and clean the bushes. They also plant sapling for betterment of the society.

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