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    Importance of practical education in the class

    I am a teacher (assistant professor) in an engineering college and have experience in handling a class of 60 students. What I gradually observed is that the moment you miss the connectivity of a subject by practical examples or subject's importance in the class or during the lecture, the student does not respond to the question asked by the teacher or they completely miss the track. Being a teacher one has to be very diligent to make sure that you are relating the subject and topic with real-life examples or practicals. Ultimately engineering is all about implementation. Since 2009, I am observing many new teachers are lacking this ability and they fail to handle the class. This creates a vicious cycle and ultimately the subject and subject teachers are of no more interest to the entire class.
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    The auther has presented this post very honestly in a transparent manner. It is very true that in some classes there is no good communication between the teacher and student just because the teacher is not able to give a satisfactory practical explanation of the theory which he is trying to teach to the students.
    Educationists have realised this thing and now they are trying to create syllabus and school/college courses based on practical considerations. Until unless there are practical considerations the skill level of the students will not increase. If skill level does not increase then students will be a failure in their future career and lives.
    We have to design courses which are a combination of academic courses and technical courses something like amalgamating a class 11 and 12 course with ITI training. Then only we can get a skilled student as the outcome of this new process.

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    Very nice observation from the author and it is the fact that the teacher must involve in the class subject connecting to the current behavioral pattern going on in the society and that would certainly get identified with the lesson and the attentiveness would be full and encouraging. My school teachers and even college professors would always told us the lessons with the practicals what we were experiencing in those days and we could able to understand the meaning easily. Our science teacher was awesome and she not only cracks jokes with us but also take along the studies with case related stories and example and that made her subject interesting and all most all the students of the class were scoring good marks in her subject. So what the author said is right and practical education is must for the genre.
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    That is true. A good teacher should give examples of the things we see in our daily life when he is teaching the subject to the students. That will make the student understand the subject easily and also remember for a long time.
    I did my M.Sc in 1980. But the examples given by my Professors those days are still in my mind and I remember them. simply giving definitions and telling the meanings may not create interest in students to learn. The way how the teacher explains and how he connects the theory to the incidents or actions we take day today in our lives.
    But many teachers these days are not giving importance to this aspect. An Engineer should have hands-on experience and his practical work in the workshop only will make him a good Engineer. He may be very good at the theory and he may be able to byheart the same and reproduce the same in the examinations. That is not what we expect from engineers

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    Absolutely right, practical knowledge is an important pillar of education and this should be taken very seriously. Bookish knowledge is helpful in increasing the number of mark sheets, but when it comes to the real world then practical knowledge creates its own image. By the way, nowadays the education department is understanding this and more and more such policies are being brought in which importance is also being given to practical knowledge and skill development. Teachers are also trying to cover their level well.

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