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    Here is the simple tip to get rid of nagging dry caugh and running nose

    We are confronting with dry cough and running nose and that gives rise big doubt that we have contracted the virus and run for testing center later to be proved that it seasonal effect. Here is the simple tip to get rid of nagging dry cough and running nose. Buy 20 grams of Oma Uppu in Tamil or Thymus Vulgaris in English or Banajwain in Hindi , 20 grams of Pudhina uppu in Tamil or Menthol crystals in English mixed with 20 grams of Pacchai Karpuram or campour. Just mix all these three in the small glass jar with air tight lid. Within minutes, it form as a thailam or gel to be applied on the forehead or middle head, that would relieve the cold and running nose for sure.
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    Because of the change in the weather, many are suffering from cold and cough. But there is no fever. Some people are having body pains also. This condition is mainly due to chill weather and fall in the temperature. Heavy snow is seen in the early mornings when you go out. Many of us are not even using a fan while sleeping in the night. After almost a gap of 10 or 12 years, this year I have taken out my woollen coat.
    This cold and caught are not coming down easily. It is taking more time. As mentioned by the author there are many home remedies and they are showing good results. I use Pachha Karpuram daily. I take a small amount this daily one time. That is keeping me away from these seasonal problems. A cup of hot milk with a little turmeric and black pepper added to it will keep us away from the cough and cold problem.
    We used to think that cough and cold are common ailments and we used to neglect them. But now because of the severity of this Corona Virus we are all scared and we are taking as many precautions as possible,

    always confident

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    Thank you so much to the author for sharing this remedy. This season is often troubling people with problems like cold and cold, and in a normal winter, when it surrounds you for a long time, then the person becomes very weak. In such a situation, people keep taking various measures at home to get rid of the problem in any way, but sometimes it increases a lot. Although in my experience steaming has proved to be the best remedy which I have told from my own experience, but of course, other home remedies prove to be successful.

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    We are thankful to the author for his valuable tips suggested to avoid the nagging cough during the winter season. As the temperature goes down beyond the permissible range, cough and cold develops followed by the body pain. We need to follow the tips as suggested by the Ayurveda and we would get so many effective tips to counter the same.
    One of the best home remedies in this regard is to pour a few cleaned leaves of Tulasi followed by a piece of ginger and some amount of black pepper and the mixture is allowed to boil till it's volume is reduced to half. Drink the same in lukewarm state regularly in the morning in the winter season to enhance immunity. This would prove an excellent concoction to expel cough and cold in winter.

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    Thanks to the author for sharing a formulation for getting relief from cough and cold. Menthol and camphor are known to give relief from cough and cold. There are many other formulations in our Ayurvedic system which people use in such conditions and get relief from these seasonal ailments.
    Ginger, lemon, and honey syrup is also said to be useful in such situations. Many people take black pepper to soothe their throats. They take it in tea or water mixed milk.

    Knowledge is power.

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