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    How reliable and successful is G Pay as a digital payment app

    Send or receive money directly from your bank account at no charge. Even if your acquaintance is not on Google Pay, you can send or receive money from him. Eat lunch with a friend, pay any bill or send money to your home, etc. This app made for India is our favorite. Google is doing business with it. But many of us still do not trust these digital systems. Many people have enough doubts about its security. Nevertheless, the number of users is increasing day by day. What do you think?
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    I am a regular user of G pay. Every day I use the same app at least 2 or 3 times. Medical shop, Kirana Shop, vegetable Vendor, Fruit vendor and all other small business people are using this app and we are able to pay them through this app. I pay my driver's salary through this app only. A very convenient method of payment. When the app was introduced, we used to receive some cashback. The amount may be very small but we used to receive. But these days we are receiving more vouchers and discounts if we purchase the products mentioned there.
    Phonepay is also a good app. There are many other apps that are similar to G Pay. But I am happier with the Google pay app and I am using it for almost 4 or 5years without any problem.
    Paytm also is a good means to do these financial transactions. I use this for paying the monthly electrical bills of my house.

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    So far G Pay is one of the robust platform for making payments or receiving payments. Many people are using this application and their feedback about this application is very positive.
    I myself using this application and I am finding that it is giving a very high performance. I have not found any glitches in this application so far.
    Though at present it is working very nicely but we do not know when the hackers or cyber criminals might attack it and create problems for the users. Internet is a place prone to all sort of mischiefs and any problem can come anytime. So we have to be careful and if any such thing is reported we have to take preventive actions. This app is directly linked to our bank account from where the transactions are carried out. It makes sense to keep less amount in such accounts so that in case of any fraud the money taken out will be a small amount or the transaction will be negated.

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    The digital payment access has been already made by many companies and they are hassle free. Some of them are Phone pe, which is reliable , user friendly and mostly used. Having seen surge of phone pe popularity , the Google pay also launched lots of ads on the television. But what I felt that the transfer of amounts wont take place that easily and there are complaints galore against the Google pay. The amount gets deducted from our account but that does not reach the sender. This issue we have faced and our company also stopped using the Google pay interface, instead even Bharat Pe is reliable. I feel the Phone pe is very easy to use and many are having this app on their phone and therefore transferring the money instantly was never a issue so far. So I strongly recommend the Phone pe instead of Google pay.
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    So far I did not encounter any problems regarding privacy or payments. It has been a reliable app, as I use most of the payment apps so I sometimes find G-pay a little bit slower than and that is completely my personal experience.
    Also initially G-pay had many offers in terms of cashback but now not many offers are their so I prefer Amazon-pay to pay these days.

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    Yes, it is true, things have become a lot easier ever since I started using Google Pay for transferring money to others or for payment purposes. In this respect, GPay is not alone. Like others have already mentioned, there are numerous other portals or platforms like PayTM, PhonePe, Amazon Pay and others that provide similar services comparable to GPay. Like most things, GPay and the others have their own set of pros and cons. No doubt these apps are highly reliable, but they do falter on certain occasions. Sometimes there are also issues with their security, if not used properly. Online fraudsters and hackers are always on the prowl, in search of gullible persons, new to these apps or not comfortable using them. One false move and you will be robbed of your hard-earned money. When I was new to GPay, one fraudster did try to play a trick on me, when I had posted some old items in OLX. The person didn't succeed though as I was already aware of such modus operandi. In the days to come, even with their shortcomings, these apps are likely to get popular with more and more users.
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    As far as my experience with G pay, I want to say that the application is very secure and fast but did not quite work well with the SBI account money transfer. Whenever I tried to send money or pay via G Pay from an SBI account, almost the transaction failed. While I would like to rate that PhonePe as the best application for such a case but issue is that fraudster uses it to request money by any means. Recently one of my friend's wife became a victim of it. So, each and every app has its own pros and cons.
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    I have found most of the people doing it using google pay and people are quite satisfied too but I have no experience in this matter because I am using only phone pe for a long time and I feel more comfortable in it. But I have also heard that transaction is more profitable than Google pay, as people say it is more secure too, but I find phone pay is also secure. I think it's all about your convenience.

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