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    What are the main reasons for poverty in India?

    Since independence we as a nation have come a long way for the betterment of the country and its citizen. However, the problem of poverty still persists and extends to malnourishment, hunger, anaemia an other such factors of concern. To curb the poverty various programs such as public distribution system for subsidized grains, health benefits and insurance, employment scheme like MGNREGA are in action but still the we have one of the most hungry people, kids and high number of unemployed individuals.
    Yes, the growth engine of India is at full throttle but as mostly seen in capitalist societies the inequality prevails with richer getting richer. With the inclusion of socialist elements of a welfare state the government interference is inevitable but has proved insufficient. The steps of radical transformation are needed and that could be well mentioned by the members.
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    I would blame to irrational population ratio in comparison to the resources available to us and secondly to politics.

    Further, I will blame the malnourishment aspect of our society on the existing red tape system in our administration at various levels. I do believe we are still lacking transparency here which greatly restricts the advantage to reach to the downtrodden.

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    I don't think it is fair to blame anyone parameter for India's poverty because poverty is not a problem, but the persistence of poverty is a big problem. There were other poor countries which are now in much better condition than before, and perhaps India too, but there is only one part of India's population which is increasing in the wave of development and the poor are poor. The reasons for this may include, corruption, ignorance, unemployment, illiteracy, conservatism, which can be many. The most important question is when will poverty will be ended in this country.

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    There are many reasons for this. Mainly the education levels of the people were not as desired and they never understood the consequences of having more children. The population is increased and there is no resource that is sufficient for all. Added to that some rich people secure their lives by making more and more money and in that process. they are ignoring the sufferings of the poor people. They store money for the next 5 generations but never think about the neighbour who is dying due to starvation.
    Another problem is the habits of many poor families. Many poor people can't sleep without having one or two doses of alcohol at night. They earn with a lot of physical strain and the money they earned will be spent on alcohol and that is making their family starve.
    Unemployment is another issue that is responsible for this.

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    The reason for poverty in India is its large population as well as the widespread corruption in the country. Though there are many schemes to help the poor but there are so many poor and downtrodden people that it is very difficult to reach each and every individual in an effective way.
    Due to corruption the money collected as tax and other sources is not reaching properly for the progress and developmental schemes.
    Many people who are earning money from illegal and evil means are not disclosing their income due to obvious reasons and naturally not paying any tax on their huge earnings.
    Only an honest governance and creation of a large number of job opportunities can help in eradicating poverty.

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    What I feel that though the government has the data and details of every individual of this country living below the poverty line, the efforts are not made to reach the same. For example the ration cards are given to those who are poor and free ration is given every month under the national food security scheme. Do you know that even the rich are availing this scheme by giving wrong declaration and the law enforcing agencies are failing to nab those who are fooling the govt. This way many govt schemes meant for the poor to be benefited, it is going to the wrong hands the actual sufferer remains in the poverty since ages and none to re-correct his living or position. When next time Modi govt again comes to the power, this matter must be taken on priority basis and seen that none would sleep without two square meals a day.
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