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    Never share your weakness with others

    These days we see many people around us who want to use our weakness as a tool for them to win over us. We see hypocrites everywhere in society. We may be having many friends and these days we are making friends on social media with unknown persons also. We never know the real intentions of these people. If we share our weak points with them, they may try to use the same one against us and may deceive us.

    These days having a real friend is very difficult. These days we see many news which tells about the people who deceived their own friends and relatives by knowing their weaknesses and exploiting them. We don't know how many such people are around us. Sharing our weaknesses or secrets with such people may be proved costly afterwards.

    So keep all your weaknesses within you only. Try to overcome and never discuss them with others.
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    The author's views are very true. It is human nature to vent out feelings to others when people are sad about something which a close friend or family members did to them. When some body lends their shoulders to lean on ,it is quite obvious that you let out your confidential matters to the person who is keen to listen. But the intention of the listener might be genuine or might not be.
    Therefore, keep private matters of your closed ones buried in your heart rather than exposing it to a known or unknown person. You would never know when the table would turn upside down as anyone could turn to become "BRUTUS".
    There are some cases when people are blackmailed constantly and ask for money or favors
    by threatening to let the cat out of the bag.
    So, be very alert and sensible while opening your secrets to others. You might regret having done this when the situation changes.

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    That is correct and along with that if we try to strengthen those weak points it may be better. You can imagine what may happen to the batsmen if the bowlers are aware of their weak points and for that, we all have to be aware. Remaining dependant on others all the time can make people vulnerable and it is advisable to do your own things as much as possible. The competition has increased, so is corruption. Many people have ulterior motives and looking for some opportunities to deceive others. So whenever they get an opportunity they try to utilize it in some ways. You may not gauge the intentions of others, even your associates, all the time and for that you need to be aware. If it's a secret let it remain a secret. When you tell someone something secret it is no more a secret which we all need to understand. Tell others, especially the people not much close to you, only what they need to know and nothing extra and that may be a better way to hide your weaknesses.

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    The author is right, today's time is such that no one should be trusted because sometimes the one we trust the most is the one who breaks our delusions. Telling your shortcomings is like giving a weapon against yourself to the other person. Today the situation is strange and tomorrow something else will happen, maybe the one who is weak today may be strong tomorrow and it may also happen that the one who is in your favor today may become your biggest opponent tomorrow. In such a situation, if we make our shortcomings known, then we can put ourselves in trouble.

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    Good advice from the author. Out of eagerness or frustration on others we share some information either on us or others to someone who is the common enemy and that prompts them to have maximum revelations from us and in future that would have lasting effect on our relations because we made the grave mistake of sharing our weakness. Normally we share the secrets and weakness to the close friends, and sometimes they also turn hostile on some petty issues which would have lasting effect on our relations with them. One thing even parents are not ready to have dialogue with the children and house members as to know about the weakness and problems and therefore in search of right person, we tend to make mistakes and even try to share to those who are unknown to us and that is the greatest setback.
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    The author is right that our inherent weakness is not be exposed to anyone however close one might be. We might be relaxed with the vent out of our negative emotions with one of our close friends. That is true but we don't anticipate the eminent dangers associated with such outbursts. Our own weakness once it is known to even to our friends might become dangerous sometimes. We might be blackmailed for our frank assertion of our weakness. Hence it would be certainly a prudent step to take enough precaution while talking with somebody else. Who knows when even our close friend will turn enemy and our own assertions become the source for us to be blackmailed.

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    Generally people discuss and disclose their weaknesses with others especially with friends and colleagues to get help from them or simply to get sympathy from them. It may look a good strategy but in long run it s not a good step taken by them. The reason is that once we tell our weaknesses to others then they can take advantage of that in many ways affecting us and affecting our reputation. It is better not to confide like that with others.
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