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    What are the criteria to choose a teacher?

    Should only an academic qualification define a teacher? People who are not having a formal qualification as a teacher can also tutor students is the basis of this academic discussion.

    It may be a big deal, I do not know. A few incidents that I have observed earlier and a recent incident prompted me to look for an answer.

    I know a person who is quite educated and has a good concept of a specific branch of science. He helped his son to score high marks in all the science subjects and also provided free tuition to a couple of friends of his son in those subjects. They all understood well and showed interest for a couple of months but suddenly one by one they stopped coming to take tuition. On inquiry, it was found that their parents showed less interest in the coaching of that person since the person is not a teacher by profession and engaged in a different job. He was teaching just as a passion and also thought of making it a regular affair for a specific period early in the morning because of his otherwise busy schedule.

    Earlier also I heard that there is a hesitation among parents to send their children for tuition to persons other than teachers. They think teachers engaged in schools/colleges know how to score marks and can guide students on what is important for exams. I think this thought process again proves that our education seems to be all about scoring marks and studying things important for exams only. Are there no other criteria to choose a teacher for school/college students?
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    Choosing a right teacher is not that easy and even the managements of schools are fumbling. By virtue of being their qualification, the teachers cannot be taken on the face value, and other matters also taken into consideration. First and foremost is the pleasing personality that should have the command over the students and students should give the respect. Second the teacher should have wide knowledge on the subject to be taught. There are teachers who simply read the portion and then teach, instead the branch subjects should also be taught and that would bring the inclusive knowledge for the students. The management while interviewing teachers must look into such aspects and then decide. Some schools are harping on tutors for lesser salary on daily basis and their dedication is less.
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    It is generally believed that the teachers who are teaching regularly in schools or colleges are the best choice for getting a tuition for the children. Many parents believe in this traditional understanding and accordingly hire the teachers for teaching their children. This may be correct to some extent but it is not necessary that only the regular teacher will be able to teach the students properly. Even a professional who had a good academic record can teach the students in a better way provided he has got time and aptitude for that.
    I have seen some of the parents who themselves are very qualified and interested in teaching their children and are able to teach them in the same way as a teacher can teach.

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    A good teacher who is having a real passion for teaching can teach very nicely even though he is not a full-time teacher.
    A good teacher should have the patience to teach the student in a simple way and also should give examples that will help the student to understand the concept. Earlier when I was in the University, our professor used to tell some very good examples which we will be witnessing many times in our real life. Those examples and the subject he taught is still remembered by many of his students and luckily I am one among them.
    A good teacher should go down to the level of the student and teach him so that the student will understand the subject well. Some teachers just conduct the class normally and never see whether the students are able to understand or not. The students will never have an interest in such classes and they will try to avoid them.
    A teacher should have good oratory skills. Then he can speak freely and he can convince the students with his talent of speaking and he should also have subject knowledge.

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    Yes, the role of the teacher is very important in a student's life. The contribution of teachers is also important in the development of the country and the nation. Therefore, teachers need to ensure up-to-date education by adopting modern teaching methods. We need to enrich our human resources by teaching modern science and technology. In this age of globalization, it is essential to keep pace with rapidly changing technology. The main goal of our education is to prepare the new generation as modern creators so that they can adjust to any situation in the future. Hence I think that the teacher must be able to teach world-class education and knowledge technology, moral values, and patriotism in line with the present age.
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    I agree that the role of a teacher is very vital to create a basic concept in the subject he teaches. The teacher must have the clarity of the subject with which he deals with. Moreover, he should have enough passion in strengthens the concepts of the students apart from his sustained labour. It is not necessary that encouragement from the teacher's side alone will produce results. Passions among students can be developed even by the people having commands in the subjects though the are not the teachers. Providing the concepts in the subject matter is important and if the teaching continues in the sustained manner under the guidance of a man capable enough to provide sufficient inputs in the related subject, no matter he is not designated as a teacher of a school.

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