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    Your plans or targets for ISC this year

    For me the New Year began with a bang. There were two back-to-back holidays for us on 1st and 2nd Jan. So had great fun on New Year eve as well as during the succeeding holidays. Now that we are already into the New Year, many amongst us must have thought of plans for the same. I mean, in concern with ISC. For example, someone might aspire to accumulate a certain level of points, someone may aspire to post articles on a regular basis, someone for the RSB share, some for the wizard awards and some may aspire to change their membership level from Gold to say Diamond or even Platinum. I too have a few plans, but before I reveal them, would first like to hear from you all.

    Pease note that the discussion is not about resolutions, but your well set plans or targets with respect to ISC.
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    I was also thinking to float a similar post but you have made my job simpler by providing it in a well structured and better way. Yes, we have done so much contributions during the year 2021 and it is natural that we should try to do better than that.
    In my case as per my self assessment I think I am already at my apex and if I am able to maintain what I contributed during 2021 then I would be happy about it. Sometimes sustaining oneself in the onward journey like past activity is itself a great achievement. Another reason of my worry is my various ailments which are forcing me to reduce my internet time. The problem is that I am engaged in many sites out of which I am particularly busy in 3 sites including ISC. So, I do not think that I will be able to do justice with that type of work load in coming times.
    Still I wish that all of us would be trying to do better in the year 2022 in spite of so many constraints faced by all of us as per our individual situations. One suggestion that I will like to make to the young members at this juncture is that please try to contribute in various sections in ISC as that will help in learning and improving one's knowledge as well as creative potentials.
    All the best.

    Knowledge is power.

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    As far as ISC is concerned, I am most satisfied member so far with all kinds of achievement already done and do not have any special mention or milestone to be envied or achieved. I am regular to the site and raise posts and reply for the others threads regularly and that gives me greatest satisfaction. Being a top 10 performer on all the graphs of the ISC is the great record in itself and I am maintaining the same. Moreover I feel many members who have the ability and niche to have better performance are sulking and waiting for any reward or award to be announced. Just now concluded ISC thread a day contest was well participated and many threads appeared daily and now only the regulars are adhering to their style of working. If that is the case the plans and targets for ISC is already understood from others.
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    I would like to contribute more to ISC in most of the sections like articles, forums, ask experts, jobs, and school/university posting. I want to achieve the diamond level before the end of the 2022 year. Hope I will manage to get it by taking small steps day by day, week by week, and month by month. It is always my dream to be in the top contributor of ISC and it is only possible if you are at diamond level. I think there are few members who are in this level. So, this is special level for us as an active member of ISC.
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    For the last five years, I am regularly contributing to ISC. Mainly my focus is on the Forum section and AskExperts sections. But last year I started working on schools, colleges and other institutions. I have also contributed some articles last year.
    This year I am thinking to contribute at least one article every month and this is the minimum. The problem is time. I have some other responsibilities also. I have to attend to them also so that my kitchen will be working. Mainly I work on ISC in the afternoon for about 2 to 3 hours. That is the reason I am not able to contribute more articles. But this year I will definitely see that at least 12 articles will be submitted.
    I do not have any separate plans for awards and rewards. I will try to participate in various contests. I am also of the view that more information about the colleges in our area can be given on the page of the concerned college. I wish all the members will contribute their maximum so that the ISC site will have many contributions to the field of education.

    always confident

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    Thanks, everyone for opening up with respect to your plans or targets for the year 2022. Already most of you are doing well and are amongst the top contributors in ISC. There is not much more for you to achieve, except that you may venture into sections that are still untouched by you. Some of you are already working in that direction as mentioned by the respective members above.

    As for me, my prime motivation is to get back at least to the Diamond level. That should not be a big task considering that it requires just 2500 points annually to reach there. Next, I want to focus on articles. Their revenue potential is quite good. I don't have too many articles, but a handful of them are helping me earn through Adsense for the last 5-6 years. They also help in gaining great writing skills. Thirdly I will like to see my name getting featured for RSB. If my first two plans work out well, the third task should not be too tough a challenge.

    Thanks again everyone for coming up with your views. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive, wondering whether anyone will bother to respond to this thread considering that I am not regular in the forum section. Fortunately, all my apprehensions have been proven wrong.

    Patience and perseverance pays

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    The Forum section is always my favorite and I aim to continue with it this year as well. I am more excited to introduce new threads than to respond to other threads. I also agree that in the last few days my contribution is decreasing a bit due to which some of my other responsibilities have increased but as I have mentioned in many threads before that ISC is not just a platform for me but it is a family has been formed for me, I will certainly never stop my contribution. It is my endeavor that this year also spend more and more time with my ISC family, through my contribution.

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