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    Writing reviews of the books

    Many people have a reading habit and they read a variety of books from children books to serious and heavy non fiction books. When we read a book it makes an impression in our mind. With time we forget it and after reading a large number of books it is difficult to remember the central ideas of all those books in our mind. One way to keep in touch with the books we had read is to write the reviews of these books and publish them in some sites where the book reviews for a large number of books are published. Some sites even pay some money for that work though the amount would be in the nature of pocket money only but it is worth the efforts. The main idea is to keep touch with the books and read other people's review about them. There are some reputed online book clubs also where one can register to pursue this hobby. Has any member involved in such an activity or experience of writing reviews of the books read by him. Please share your views and experience.
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    You are correct. It is a good job to post a review of the book which you have read the entire book. If you have liked the content, message, and outcome of the book, you can always share your views in terms of the review. This review should comprise of positive, negative, and neutral points. One should not hesitate to write for an honest review. This will create genuine trust in the author and the title of the book. If you want to make money out of posting the reviews of books you have read, you can do it by guest blogging, affiliate marketing blogging where you post a review about the book and you put a clickable link from where people land on a given e-commerce website to buy it.
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    For that every content writer or the book writer yearns for the feedback part of his or her article so that the misgiving, no compliance and even improvisation can be gathered to be implemented next. By impending our reviews, we are actually helping in many ways. That the review would certainly given immense satisfaction to the author that someone has read the book or content and vent the feelings. And for the new beginner to read the same book or content. your writing of review would be immense guide whether to go for it or avoid. But never review a book with negative aspect but give a constructive suggestion so that the author gather the courage to accept the mistakes and implement corrective way of presentation in future. Reviews and feedback go a long way to have best relations with the writer and the readers.
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    There are many platforms where we have a chance to publish reviews on the books we read. In Telugu, some writers and poets send their books to various magazines asking them to publish reviews on their work. These magazine publishers in turn send them to other people and ask them to write reviews for which they may give some payment also. My father used to write such reviews in Telugu. I have also written one or two reviews that were published by some magazines.
    It is good to make a review and to keep so that we will not forget the subject we read. I don't know that there are some book libraries online wherein you can read and submit our reviews. The author can mention some sites so that we can use that information and get into those libraries also.

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    There are many sites in the internet where people can share information about the books, can write their reviews, find other details etc. The best site in my knowledge so far is where more than 20 lakh members are there.
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