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    If we had the power of spider man to fly and stick

    Whether the child or the elder person, sometimes we are so carried away with a personality or the character, we want to live and revisit the same time and again and feel whether we can happen or connect to be that particular character. I am talking about the friendly neighborhood spider man character. If we had the power of spider man to fly and stick to the high places, hop freely without any obstacles, the journey of life would have hurdle free, quick enough and above all our activities would have been neighbors envy and family pride. Have you ever thought on the abilities of spider man ?
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    Spiderman. I have seen him in the movies only. He can fly and can go anywhere, he wants. Many Children and infants keep imagining themselves as spidermen. But in reality, we may not be able to see such a person. A flight pilot can fly with the helicopter or aeroplane but not on his own.
    If we have the ability to fly like a spiderman, there will not be any traffic problems on the earth and I don't know accidents in the sky may be more because of collisions. But we can easily go to other countries also without having a Visa or Passport also. We don't require petrol and diesel and we need not blame the government for collecting more tax on these products. I wish one day a human being should get the ability to fly like a spider man and there will not be any boundaries. Time on commuting will become reduced.

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    We all like fantasies of all kinds. Spiderman is also one of such fantasy character. Given a chance or choice who will not like to be like a spiderman. Flying in the sky, helping the poor, doing things quickly, helping the police to nab the culprit etc are all those jobs that could be done once we have that capability and it would be amazing to do so with our own will in our own ways.
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    When I was very young, I used to watch a Hindi serial called Shaktimaan, in which a person would go round and fly in the air or disappear. He was probably the first superhero of the Hindi world. I liked that serial a lot but I never thought that I should even try it, some children also gave themselves physical harm by trying to do so. I think the image of superheroes shown in movies has to be a bit realistic. We should not always think from their point of view, maybe they should think from the point of view of a normal person.

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