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    Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land on the stars !

    In life, if we have clarity, we can achieve. A person without a goal or aspiration is like a boat without a sail. One has to have a clear, concise goal with a deadline to achieve it. When setting the goal or target, do not limit yourself to a smaller scale. Think BIG. Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land on the stars! Rightly said by the Less Brown. A most successful person never achieves in life extraordinary if his or her thoughts are limited to his own belief. We need to change and upgrade our belief systems. Being in the middle class, we are always taught to get a job and get settled. This is the thought process of the majority of the middle class in the world. We always want to be in our comfort zone. A success always waits for us outside the comfort zone. Thus, if you want to achieve more in life, do not think of small. Think BIG. Take action and make it happen. Visualize that you have already achieved it, even if you miss it, you will be in a position better than when you haven't taken a step.
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    The author has brought in a very popular and old proverb which gives us lots of courage to attempt big so that something for sure is achieved in return. But what is my way of life is to follow the mission, the commission would certainly follow you. Shooting the moon is the biggest attempt as the moon is at very high distance which we cannot even think of reaching it even by dreams. But the conceptual message given in that proverb that we should dream big, try to achieve big and at least end up with better average or best performance for granted. For example if you study for 100 percent marks in each subject that is not possible and very rare to happen, at least 95 to 98 percent marks in each subject is always possible and that should given the cushion feeling that at least you have landed on the stars and not totally grounded.
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    The author is very right. Make a plan to achieve something in your life. The plan should be achievable when you stretch yourselves to the maximum extent possible. The goals should be big. We can be happy even we achieve 90% of the target. Sometimes when we plan for a full ultimately we may get a limited meal at least. So we should not compromise anywhere in making the plans. At the same time planning a very big target and not being able to make a beginning itself is also not correct. Assess your abilities and plan in such a way that you have to extend fully to reach the destination.
    In some of the organisations, the senior officers will be asked to make a statement of Key result areas during the year and at the end of the year again they will be asked to make a review and see how much percentage of KRAs were achieved in the year. It should be above 80% for considering a promotion or good increment in the pay packet.

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    We have to have some ambitious goals and targets in our lives and then only we would be trying hard for them. It is not necessary that we would be achieving them so easily but it would prepare us for many other competitions in our lives and benefits would be derived. For example if a student prepares for IAS exam wholeheartedly then he would go through so much material and study and would try his best to get selected but due to the stiff competition he may not be selected but then he would be ready with all that knowledge and preparation in his mind and then can try for the second attempt of IAS or alternatively appear in some other competitive exam and get success because of the hard work that he had already done. One single meticulous preparation is often useful for so many examinations where the test papers are more and less similar.
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    It is very well said by the author unless there is any purpose in life, in which direction we are going, why are we going, many such questions bother us, but when we choose our purpose, then we know what we should do. In this way, life becomes very easy and happy. It is not that everything will be according to plan, but what is the difference, after all, surprises also look good sometimes. Choosing a purposeful life and developing oneself according to it is the hallmark of being a human being.

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