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    Survival means not just breathing but enjoying a happy life

    At the old aged of life, when there is nothing left to want, the person who is always by your side is the one who is closest to you. When we go to make a comment about an elderly couple, we say, the old lady is sitting together, chewing Pan, watching TV, carrying a winter sheet on her shoulder, and going for a morning walk together. What love-affection is at this age!
    Most of the elders of our country come to the doorstep of life and count the days for death only by doing religious puja. They don't want or want to keep wanting something new from life or giving something to live. No one takes it for granted that even in old age one can enjoy life with one's loved one.
    There is a lot to learn from older couples in foreign countries, most of the time their intimate moments can be seen everywhere. The old men and women are kissing each other, the old men and women are sitting with their heads on their shoulders, the two of them are walking holding each other's hands tightly, all these are visible everywhere.
    I think this is normal and everyone should enjoy life till death with such activities.
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    My father is 88 years and my mother is 84 years. Both of them move together. They sit together and talk to each other. They spent together 71 years of life. They have seen both ups and downs of life. But they always feel happy when they are together. My mother applies coconut oil to my father's legs and hands. My father takes out the medicine from the box and gives it to my mother as per the timing and he will take care that she will use the medicines as per the prescription without fail. They sit together and watch various mythological programmes on TV. I feel very happy to see them like that I pray to God to give them some more years so that they will continue enjoying their life.
    As mentioned by the author living means not just pulling on but one should enjoy the time. Earning money and reserving it for the next generations is of no use. Enjoy your life and be happy always in your old age so that we will forget all the hardships we have faced in our lives.

    always confident

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    Survival should be in a such that we should be able to minimise our tensions and should look around the source which can make us happy. It cannot be difficult at least for the couples to spare sometimes for sharing their emotions, exchanging their past joyous moments or talking about their future plans of journey in some holy places. Such togetherness can make their lives more exciting even at their ripe ages. Instead of seeking pleasure somewhere else, couples can make this life more lively and enjoyable with some sort of adjustments. They need to understand the needs of each other and if that occurs with the better understanding, life becomes truly blessing to both of them.

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    So true where in any phase of life forget to live with the flavors of nature, family, friends and neighbors. Very often we sympathize the old people or old couple who have lived their lives to the fullest but we are living in these current days of sickness, confusion, uncertainties in jobs, in career and the frequently occurring endemic lockdowns.
    Maybe during the initial days of the lockdown would have brought us close but do we still value this closeness or is it driving a wedge between relationships. There is so much we can do to add value to our life and try influence our children's life so that they in turn add value to us when we grow old.
    When we sit back and reminisce our childhood, we had lot of friends and would wait to be on streets playing. Power cuts in the evening would even bring parents to gabfest, for us it is to play hide and seek in the dark. But our children they just breathe technology, makes friends digitally knowing not if they have revealed the right gender, getting entangled and failing to face the world, eventually fade away.
    Rightly said survival is to enjoy the companionship of every relationship, nurturing it.

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    For that matter the old age is the most taxing period for anyone for many reasons. That one will be made to sit aside not allowing to do any work and reclining to easy chair is the best possible suggestion one makes. That in old age the mind may be active and wants to do many tasks, but the body would not allow to do so, and therefore the others would discourage the old people venturing out of the house and attending to any work. But when both the older couple are present, they know the importance of each other and how it will be more more difficult to live without the other. What I feel that in old age one should not have any disease and that should not bed ridden the person, because the attendance would be minimal and absent and that stage of life would be very challenging to which no one wants to live anymore
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In order to live life, it is also necessary for a person to understand that life is yours and belongs to you, so even if there is no one, then you are you, that is, your life. As the author has told the indifference that comes after age in the life of the elderly, but if a person is also a single person who does not have many relationships, then he should also live a happy life. Yes, it can be a little difficult to do this, but when we convince ourselves that we came into this world alone, then perhaps we can enjoy life with ourselves too. So if you have a partner or family it is very good but in case if you do not have them, be yourselves and be happy.

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    In old age there is no problem in sitting together and passing time together in whatever way one wants. But the interesting thing in this regard is that people live in certain societies and environments and they pick up some traits since their bringing up time right from their childhood. These traits aur habits remain with them throughout their lives and continue in their old age also. That is what we see them apparently doing with each other. So, that is quite normal and even if they are not embracing each other in public doesn't mean that they do not love each other.
    Everyone has one's own definition of happiness and we can't compel them to behave in an unexpected manner.

    Knowledge is power.

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