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    No place to even sit at the passport office

    Recently I went to the Passport Seva Kendra in Begumpet, Hyderabad. I accompanied my wife who is getting her passport renewed. As per the time we both were there and she went inside the office and no second person is allowed. I waited outside only. Like me, there are many people waiting outside. There is no shelter for the people to sit. There is no washroom also. They have to sit somewhere on the ground. There are two or three shops selling some tiffins, snacks and beverages. They are not allowing the people to sit there as that will affect their business.

    On average, it is taking 2 to 3 hours minimum for the process to get completed and the person to come out. Till the person comes out the accompanying person has to stand there or sit on the ground. There is a lot of open place in front of the building. Why can't the authorities make some arrangements for sitting so that the accompanying persons can sit there while waiting? If necessary they can charge some amount for the people to sit there. I like to know the views of other members on this.
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    Sometime back, I too went to the Passport office at Tolichowki. There too things were similar. There was no place to sit outside the office. Those who had accompanied their family members had to wait outside standing. However, it didn't take much time there. One to one and half hours at the most. Anyway, I too support the idea that there should be a waiting room or shed and some sitting arrangement for the people who had to wait outside. There is a provision for filling a feedback form at every PSK. Those visiting them can definitely put this suggestion. I did check the portal of passport India, where there is a provision for registering your grievances, but it is mainly for issues related to your passport and not about facilities available at the PSKs. As for the services, they have improved a lot compared to what it used to be some years back. Now they should focus on the facilities too.
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    May be due to surge of covid cases across the city the RPO has not made seating arrangements for the visitors. But it is expressly said that those who apply for slot and gets the appointment need to visit for the work done by carrying important documents as sought for and others are not allowed. In that case blaming the authority is not correct. However for the seniors they should have considered one person extra to accompany to advise and help in the matter. But there are security forces appointed by the govt to help the seniors in case of need and emergency to guide and there should not be any problems as such. Anyway these are the small things that need to be addressed and Passport office is always agog with visitors from across the state and therefore some seating arrangements in staggered manner should have been made.
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    In many offices like passport office, RTO office, VISA offices, and many others there is a problem for the people who visit there for their work. They are taking fee and charges for those services but there is no proper place where we can wait for the companion or wash rooms where we can get freshen up. Actually these offices should treat us as the customer and provide the basic services but they actually behave as if they are obliging us by doing our work. Unless the work culture is changed in our country and they treat us like a customer who is paying them for their services, the situation would not improve.
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    It is true that such offices often have problems of congestion, long queues, the reasons can be many, pending work, lack of employees, or less seriousness of the employees towards the work. The new trend coming in the society is also one of the reasons for this, now most of the people are getting passport made because now going abroad has become easy and no one takes any chance of missing the chance found suddenly. Agents also play a big role for all this, where you also avoid a very long process.

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    It is becoming a common issue in almost all places such like the schools, embassy offices etc., where the public approach is heavy. I am seeing in front of the embassy offices, schools in Chennai people are standing in queues on the road itself for many hours since 4 o clock in the morning. There is no shelter or sitting place and they are all suffering as anything in the rain as well sunshine. It is not tolerable one if the situation prevails in the schools run by private authorities. I have seen in Hyderabad Airport once, an elderly person was carrying a foldable chair in his hand. If these authorities permits us, we can have a folding chair with us to such places without expecting sitting place.

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    The main reason for issuing slots to the required person is to avoid too much rush at the passport office as it is generally seen and felt that those who have applied for passport is one but the accompanying person are more and thereby the RPO office looks like more crowded and therefore they brought in slot timing so that rush can be prevented and therefore no seating provided.
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    Issuing different slot timings does help in reducing the rush at the passport offices, but then there are numerous occasions when family members have to be accompanied by us. For example my son can't go alone all the way, nor can my wife, as the passport centre is far off from my home. Naturally, others too are forced to do so and eventually such people have to wait outside be it rain or sunshine. Those with 4 wheelers can at least sit in their vehicle and while away the time. Others not that lucky, can at the most have a walk around the area or so. In any case waiting one hour or so is no big deal and if it is not for senior citizens, others can easily make do without getting the opportunity to sit while waiting for their dear ones to finish their job.
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