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    Do we need different type of education?

    To get into the premiere government sponsored institutes like IITs, NITs, AIIMS ,there is skills and intellect required in abundance which unfortunately cannot be nurtured in government sponsored schools. The amount and the toughness of the syllabus to study is highly demanding and is not available with our conventional education system. For instance, the number of structures that are published in single book of ncert of chemistry are the structures that are given as assignment in one class in private coaching. Without private coaching it becomes next to impossible to crack these demanding exams no matter how talented or sincere you are. How come these coaching giants have access to such a great bandwidth of content required for clearing these entrance exams but the government schools don't. These centralization of education not only creates the inequality but also keep many people away from getting this quality education.
    With the advent of digital platform the access has been democratized to some extent but still the quality education could still be dreams for many as the institutes providing that are few so more funds are needed for having more infrastructure. Do comment.
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    What the author said is right as getting admissions in to top courses and colleges has become the subject matter of merit and superlative education to which average students are not capable to handle. Having seen this weakness the corporate colleges are giving rapid training on courses through extra classes and they are really successful in cracking the exams. Especially in Telangana and AP the niche for private tuition has increased and they create a sure shot seat for the students and the classes are hectic to which the students need to brace up to have wonderful career ahead. One thing is sure, if the student was performing good in earlier classes, the higher studies would not be cumbersome to understand and write and those who start to be good in middle are the big losers as they cannot cope up.
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    The author is right. There are many qualified teachers and very good libraries and facilities in government educational institutions. But unfortunately, there is nobody who nurtures the students properly. The government is distributing free books., free food and other facilities to the students. But nobody is there to see how far they are utilising the books given to them.
    The main difference that I noticed is there is no individual attention to the students. In Private educational institutes, a mentor is being allotted to every 15 students. He will monitor them very closely and find out their problems and try to address them. That is giving them a lot of encouragement and they are able to do their best. Again this policy is not there in government institutions.
    In Private institutions, the students who are doing exceptionally well will be identified and they will be given special guidance by the teachers so that they can do their best and get seats in good institutions.

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