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    Security breach of PM visit to Punjab. State has failed

    This is a serious international issue where in the security breach of PM visit to Punjab has been taken light by Indian media and related the same to the anger of Punjab farmers who does not want his visit to the state. Protest is different and meeting of PM is different and it is the duty of the State to provide fool proof security to the head of the country and they have failed and Home Ministry has taken the case seriously and probing the matter as to who is responsible for their gross dereliction of duties. What is your view on the matter. There seems to be political motive to cause concern to the PM.
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    It is a total failure of security arrangements made to the tour of our Prime Minister to Punjab. Some politicians say it is the failure of the State government and some say it is the failure of the Central government. There are two things in this aspect. The road blockade by some protestors made PM return back without attending the public meeting. The road blockade might have been cleared by the police which will be under the State Government. That is why the Chief Minister of the State expressed his regret over the incident. But some Congress leaders say it is the failure of the Home Department of the Central Government as the security is being provided by them to PM. Anyhow, such incidents may cause some anxiety among the people. We have seen the security failure earlier in our country and we have lost two Prime Ministers. Indira Gandhi was killed by her security personnel and Rajiv Gandhi died in a terror attack in TN while he was addressing a meeting.
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    Such failures are rare and I have not heard anything like that in the past. It clearly shows that there was a communication gap or bad coordination between the central and state agencies and it is a matter of concern not only for the security of the PM but security of our country because we do not know under what forces and compulsions from inside or outside such a lapse happened. Our PM has got an international repute of high order and it could make some of our enemy countries to destabilise him so we cannot exclude the role of outside powers in this mishap. But the question which comes to our mind is if it is so then who are the people from our own country who are having hand in glove with those outside agencies either the terrorists or the separatist groups. So the Govt has to examine this with whole seriousness and punish the people who are responsible for such lapse. Any lapse in the security of PM is a shame for the country and the whole world will be laughing on our security arrangements within our own country.
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    We have seen the fatalities of two ex prime ministers - Late Mrs Gandhi and Late Rajiv Gandhi for the lapses made by the security and this caused their lives. What has happened in the Punjab resulting in blockade for nearly 20 minutes indicates the gross violations of the safety norm. We cannot blame anyone else namely central or state at present since this has to be examined separately to fix the responsibilities of the two agencies. Safety of the VIP rests with the hands of Home Ministry and as such this department has to find out where from this lapse has originated and how to plug such unfortunate incidents keeping in view of lives of the important personalities.

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