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    How to retrieve an article that was just saved?

    I do publish articles in ISC from time to time, and each of these are based on my experience in different environments and also experiences of others who share such experiences with me, in a very general way.

    A few minutes ago, I wrote up an article on Personality Development, but when I pressed the save and continue option, there must have been some temporary snag in my computer and I just got a message "this page cannot be reached". A few seconds latter, when I tried to frantically save the article in the drafts section, it was just not there.

    So, is there any way of getting to this article. I really do not know how to get there and if there is an IT expert, please do guide me.
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    When you save for the first time then it is saved but not published and then you can edit it. Once it is in the final shape then you can simply publish it and then that is submitted to the editors for review and acceptance.
    In this case as your first save itself has not been successful so I do not think that it can be recovered. If there is a default draft saving in the ISC system architecture then probably the concerned expert might retrieve it but otherwise it is lost. Generally in such cases what we do is we try to go back to the earlier page through the navigation arrows and sometimes we are lucky to find all the things on the screen and then just copy it safely to some app like notepad or word and then again use it later after refreshing the whole thing and coming back to the article section to save it or edit it or submit it.

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    It is a problem related to your laptop. sometimes it happens in my case also. That is why it is always better to copy and save somewhere before submitting the article. Generally, I do that. I will save the article on my desktop and keep it as a fallback arrangement. Once it is accepted then I will send it to my documents so that it will be there forever as a reference.
    When we are not able to see that page we have to try with the arrow marks on the top of the screen. Sometimes we will get them back. But sometimes we may not get it. There is no other way, as far as my knowledge goes.

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    AB Sivakumar,

    Your article can now be seen in new submissions. Please make it a point to report back to your thread when a problem has been resolved to your satisfaction or mention if you require further guidance. Do not leave editors and members who are helping out in suspense and, perhaps, wasting time trying to find a solution when the issue has been already resolved.

    For future reference, please refer to the guidance given last year to Sheo Shankar Jha in an earlier similar problem.

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