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    Why is the non vegetarian food better for mid day meal programs?

    With the advent of national family health survey with the version five, it is very much evident that the nutritional deficit among the children and women still persists to the worrying levels. One of the best programs world wide is the mid day meal scheme providing the food in schools for certain age group students, to improve the nutritional outcomes in young ones. The major thing we have to notice here is that the majority of children benefitting from the scheme comes from socially marginalized communities like tribals, dalits and other such groups in lower strata. Now, when the best development of cognitive abilities can take place in a child is the time from infancy to 5 years and then up to 10 years and this development should be aided by the strong calorie and protein intake. As these kids born out of already weak mothers, it takes quality amount of intake like eggs, fish, meat, to let the kids more than survive, to thrive and to compete for their better future like any normal healthy kids should deserve to.
    It is shame that many a time this step when taken is connected with the religious sentiments and then political turbulence. But the need of the hour is to supplement these kids with better nutritional prospects to let them have upward mobility for better future.
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    Dieticians should be placed almost all schools receiving educations up to class twelve who would ensure the quality of non-vegetarian foods apart from its assessment for its freshness.The non-vegetarian foods would provide the kids good amount of protein and other nutrients to nourish the children essential for the growth. Since the schools are meant for the various groups of children in terms of economic levels, in the government schools populations of low income group comprises over 50 percent needing much intakes of protein and nutrition, such arrangement made by the school authorities would help the growing children to receive nutritional contents adequately with the supply of such midday meals. Let us not be misguided with the slogans of the politicians having their own vested interests.

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    While there is no doubt that the non vegetarian food certainly give the upper hand for the children to have the ever wanted nutritional diet which is deficient but what I feel that after the mid day meal the children would tend to sleep and not study further after having sumptuous food as suggested by the author. That is why many schools in Telgangana are restricting to Dal rice and at the most giving the eggs as suggested by the experts. Mid day meal is the scheme to induce the parents to send their wards to the school and create education habit and not aiming at providing tasty food. Nevertheless the very idea of providing the mid day meal in the schools is for poor students and even the affordable students and even teachers are eating those food thereby becoming the mockery of very system to which it was introduced.
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    A large part of our population is still suffering from malnutrition. One of its regulators is a lack of awareness.
    I am emphasizing vegetarian food here because many people in our country who are addicted to vegetarian food, never take Non-vegetarian food for religious reasons. There is healthy nutritious food in the vegetarian category also.
    The involvement of the youth is needed to create nutrition awareness and ensure that everyone consumes nutritious food. Young people can be given ideas about nutrition through mobile and the internet. It is necessary to inspire the youth in this regard. The children are consuming various kinds of unhealthy food including Chips and fried food. This is because of the attraction of color and taste. Nutritious foods should be arranged in such a way that young people are attracted to them and parents should also be made responsible to monitor.

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    Giving non-vegetarian food in midday meals in schools may be good to some extent. But there may be some students who may not eat nonvegetarian. For such students, we have to provide nutritious vegetarian food. It is not correct to force somebody who is not interested to eat nonvegetarian.
    There are very good nutritious foods in vegetarian also. So why can't we suggest those foods to all the students instead of asking for nonvegetarian foods? As a matter of fact, a lot of misuses is there in this midday meals programme. I have seen in some places the food items are misused. In some schools, these foods are not being cooked properly. Hygienic conditions are not being maintained in some schools. So, first of all, there should be strict guidelines for all the institutions to follow and see that proper care is taken in making and distributing the food to kids.

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