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    Municipal elections in West Bengal should be postponed due to coronavirus

    The central government has banned any gathering to prevent coronavirus infection. Alerts have also been issued in the states. The state election commission then called an all-party meeting at the commission's office amid speculation of postponing the remaining municipal elections scheduled to January 22. After 15 days, the next decision will be taken after reviewing the situation. But the way the infection is growing, if there is an election, it will take the shape of a new epidemic. 1st phase election has already been completed in Decembar'21. The government has started campaigning for the remaining election in January'22 despite talking about many restrictions. So I think the election should be postponed. What do you think?
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    Democratic process need to be carried on irrespective of situations prevailing and it is the duty of the state government to ensure that people are safe from infections and all kinds of restrictions be implemented for conducting the elections. If the elections are not held the civic works would get postponed and that would be hell lot inconvenience to the same public which would raise the voice of protest against non providing the basic things. The non BJP states have taken the center directives on Corona infections in the past and that is proving to be more challenging now. On health issues the states has to cooperate with the center for inclusive health program of having vaccines to all and West Bengal cannot show ego on this matter. May good sense prevail on the both sides and let the people be free from all infections.
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    I too think the same. Elections mean we will witness many meetings, gatherings, roadshows and people moving in groups to ask for votes for their candidates. Definitely, many people will not take all the precautions to be taken when they are outside that will make the virus spread. So it is always better to prevent rather than cure. So the government should postpone the elections.
    In Andhra Pradesh, during the second wave municipal elections were conducted and the number of cases was very high and many people died due to the severity of the virus. Many people suggested a postponement. But postponement was not done and the people of the state paid the penalty. Again such a situation should not come in West Bengal also. So it is very necessary to postpone the elections.

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    Not only elections but anything of that nature has to be cancelled or postponed as the situation is deteriorating day by day. The existing machinery will be taking care of the work and whenever elections are held and results declared the new body would take charge. When everything has to be postponed what is the hurry for the elections. The purpose of elections is to elect a new body and replace the old body. The bigger objective right now is to protect the people from the pandemic and contain its speed and spread so that Govt and other agencies would be able to tackle it.
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    I agree with the author. All kinds of elections should be stopped in this Covid time. Whenever India is witnessing a new wave, there has to be a proper guideline from the Election Commission of India that there would not be any rally for upcoming elections or should be allowed with certain channels only. No physical gathering. Why politicians are playing with the lives of the people of India for the sake of their careers?
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
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    We should take up the utmost priority of safety first and the other assignments should take its backseat. This is the time of election and in the current situation, the authorities need to take enough care so that the voters are not affected due to the current pandemic situation. This has to be ensured by the Election Commission that no voter should be infected during the process of election otherwise the very purpose of this campaign is defeated. This is really a crucial phase and both the aspects should proceed simultaneously. Only a strict vigilance would be required to tackle the situation.

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