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    Expansion of necessity is the keynotes of invention

    There is no end to the demands in human life. Not everyone has the same type of needs, some want a handful of food, some want shelter, some want political power, some always running to have new wealth. Behind all this is the motivation that makes them active and demanding. Motivation is therefore an endless process that guides people throughout life at different stages. Unsatisfactory demand gives rise to instability in the human mind. So until he achieves that, he keeps going. And satisfied only after receiving. This is the motivation cycle. Accordingly, output activities are also influencing on continuing new demand trend resulting in a new invention. Do you believe it?
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    Human life is always surrounded with new wants and new products to which there has been continued research and development and that leads to expansion for sure. Expansion should envisage to provide one step further facility to people and that would be hugely welcomed. For example when forwarding a status video or photo that was not possible in initial days, but over the period of time the whats app status video can be forwarded to others so simple way and that kind of expansion in the thought of social media company was wholesomely supported by the users. For any reason or season, there should be continued effort to bring in necessary changes and new inventions so that new expansions can be made possible for the great use of people, otherwise the life would be known as standstill and not moving.
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    Inventions are done when there is a need for it due to the necessities in our lives. If we do not want anything and live in a cave in the foothills of Himalaya worshipping the God and surviving on jungle fruits and vegetables then there is no need and then we also need not to worry for inventing new things which are generally required for maintaining and flourishing in an urban environment. Materialistic desires and necessities have a right to increase in geometrical progression and all the human beings cannot meet that increasing demand by inventing or mobilising the new and suitable resources. So, it makes sense to keep a tab on our desires especially the ones which are beyond the logical and rational living and if we are successful in limiting ourselves to that type of life style then the needs would also be limited to quite a reasonable limit giving much relief from the hue and cry of the materialistic world around us.
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    There is no end to the desires. Today's luxury maybe tomorrow's necessity. When we are hungry we look for food but not for tasty food. At that point in time, food is your necessity. Once you have food, tasty food will become your necessity. This is the tendency of human life.
    We feel we should have a dress to wear. But once we have a dress, we think of fashion dresses. Then we look for branded dresses. Like this, the necessities will change. A person staying in a rented house feels that their own house is a necessity. Once you have your own house. you think of a big building.
    As your financial status increases your necessities will change. As you grow big in your career your necessities will get changed.
    But for a human being food, dress and house are the three necessities. Once we have these three we start think ing about other needs and desires.

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