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    How to stop "talk in your sleep " syndrome ?

    When we have too much attachment on someone or some product or service, when we are longing to meet someone and that is not happening, when we are too stressed and keep on studying for the exams, we tend to talk in sleep the same subject irrespective of our knowledge and the other person would be just laughing at the happening. How to stop "talk in your sleep " syndrome ? Though our mind is always awake and it keep on sending the signals to the body to speak something about what has happened just now and we tend to behave the same and sometimes it astonishes us. Any remedy for this ?
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    Human mind has amazing capacities and it can think and perform millions of operations every moment. More we use it more it delivers. It is the most developed biological computer among the animal world on this planet Earth. When we use it so much then it is natural that it will have inside it all sort of bizarre thoughts and ideas and would come out of it even at unwanted times and sleeping time is one such time. Many people talk while they are in their sleep and many even move their limbs and legs furiously as if they are playing some game or participating in sports.
    Doctors might prescribe some modern medicines to keep a tab on these reflections but in our Indian culture there are remedies for these things through the route of Yoga and meditation. It is said that if we undertake meditation and do Yoga for some time everyday in our lives then it soothes our mind and calms it down to lower energy state and the unnecessary excitation is reduced to bare minimum and that can help in getting an undisturbed sleep.

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    Somniloquy is the scientific name of this disorder. Some people talk unconsciously or unintentionally when they are in deep sleep. There are males as well as females who are having this problem. I have seen some people who got this problem as hereditary. Many people talk in their mother tongue but some people may talk in other languages also. There is no harm for the people who are having this disorder. But for his fellow persons only it may be a problem.
    Good sleep habits will reduce this problem. Timely sleep and sufficient sleep will help in reducing this problem to a large extent. Sitting calmly for some time before sleeping forgetting all the other problems and days of activity may help in reducing this talk in sleep syndrome. Reading some comic books or some spiritual books before sleeping for 15 or 30 minutes will be helpful to avoid this talk while you are in sleep.

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