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    Does collection of books testfies the knowledge power or just show off ?

    I visited so many big homes and they have separate room for the studies and in that room lots of books are stacked and the collections would be huge and mind boggling as it includes novels, fictions, general books, literature and even journals. That gave me the biggest doubt as to whether those books were actually studied by the respective persons who are garnering them or just stacked for the sake of show ? Because when I asked about some books and its main content the owner pleaded ignorance and hence does collection of books testifies the knowledge power or just show off ?
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    The books arranged in the shelves in a cupboard or almirah give a feeling that someone might be reading them. That is the main thing that some people like that others should know whether they are really reading or not. Anyway, there was a time when there was no internet and such facilities and the only source of knowledge was books. People either went to the library and took them on loan and returned them after reading or some people who could afford to buy books, they bought them and had a library in their own houses. That time it was a very common site to see the long row of books stacked in those households. I had seen even the volumes of Encyclopaedia Britannica in some of those houses. Many people who were subscribing to the monthly top notch magazines like Reader's Digest used to get those books on special discount from the Reader's Digest publishing agency and those editions were very popular due to their excellent printing and get up.
    Introduction of internet and subsequently the deluge of ebooks in the online media brought a paradigm shift in this arena. The demand for physical books declined drastically and everyone started to read books online or on a Kindle device.
    Still some people have books in the drawing rooms mainly for decorative purposes and I doubt whether they would be really reading them or only referring them on a blue moon day.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In our house, there is a large collection of Telugu poetry books written by various famous poets in Andhra Pradesh. My father being a poet used to have many friends who are also poets. They used to send books and all were put in the library. My father purchased many epics and famous old literature books. All this put together the collection is very big. My father read many of those books. But some books he uses for reference purposes. He might not have read those books completely. But he used to refer whenever there is a requirement.
    I have a lot of books I have purchased. They are all chemistry books. I read some portions from all the books but no book from Page 1 to the last page.
    There are some novels and fiction books in our house but not many. All those books are read by all our family members, not for a single time. But multiple times. Having many books is of no use unless otherwise you read them and understand the subject in the book.

    always confident

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