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    Keep updating yourself so that people will feel your presence

    These are the days of competition. Fittest only will survive. Getting a job is very difficult. At the same time surviving on the job and getting progressed is very difficult. The days are changed. When we are studying we all feel we should get into a job as soon as possible. But after getting into a job only we know how much attention we should pay in our job.

    I used to think life will be relaxing once I am in a job. But I understood the heat only when I am on the job. Our education will help us in getting a job. But surviving in the job and growing up in the career requires a lot of effort from the individual.

    One should always get updated with the changes in the field. Then only the individual can progress well in his/her career. So, Keep updating yourself so that people will feel your presence.
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    Yes. Life is all about moving. Each and every moment is new and filled with new energy and a new challenge. One needs to be very updated with the latest happenings around us. If you are a student or person doing the job or a retired person, you need to be sure of what is the current state of the art. As technology changes day by day, we also need to progress day by day and week by week. A river if stops become dirty, hence the river always flows. The same applies to us also, we need to forget the past and think about changing the present by doing good work for us and for others. Do not be the same guy.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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    We are living in a world of cut throat competition and if we do not update ourselves then we would not be able to fight and progress ahead. The technological advancements are making the earlier learnings as a thing of past and newer ideas and techniques of doing the same thing in less time are creating waves in the business and industrial arena. Update means to learn these new things which the whole world is learning to remain in front in its core business. Earlier we were writing by typing but now we have started writing through voice that is by speaking also. This is just one example of the change and we have to align our pronunciation in accordance with the application so that we do it efficiently to save from the hassles of typing. These things are happening in all the areas and these changes are forcing us to update. There is no way out except updating regularly.
    Knowledge is power.

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    We had the different perceptions of lives when we were quite young studying in our junior classes. We thought could witness the rosy phase once we complete our education but that appeared a mirage and we were definitely at the wrong end. We had seen a very tough time in getting a job after our education. This is because we all had been the participants of the rat race. This phase continued till our retirement. The old convention has been replaced with the new one and life is no more smooth for those who are satisfied with their present always demands that we should be updated with our jobs.

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    The author has given a very good thread, it is never right to stay in life. After all, nature also gives us the same message, the rivers are flowing, the wind is blowing, if the day does not stop, then why should we stop. By updating ourselves with time, our enthusiasm towards life also remains and this enthusiasm is reflected in our behavior, which also keeps us motivated and also becomes a favorite among others. Everyone wants to be with people who are ready to learn and grow at any point in life.

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    For that matter only the fittest has to chance to survive and we need to get updated daily on all fronts and be vigil as to the changes happening before us and adapt to the system. Previously the seniors were away from the computers and smart phones and they felt it is more disturbing than helping them in daily chores. But when the situation changed, everyone hooked to social media and updates, the elders also came to know the cell phones are necessity and not the liability and therefore started using it. So this kind of change has brought in more usage of digital payments and transactions from elders who are now feeling more empowered than before as they are also investing their extra money in short term stocks and gaining. So keeping update of technology has benefited all and thanks for reminding by the author.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has brought a very nice thread as in this dynamic world updating ourselves is very necessary otherwise we would be like that obsolete machine that is sold in scrap due to emerging technologies. Sometimes it is seen people try to relax after they get a job and stop upgrading their knowledge, the result is simply the fresh talent displaces them and they are expelled from their place. Although rest is also necessary for life but, the ultimate goal of everyone should keep moving and learning something new every day. It is better said that if you inculcate something new in yourself every day, then in a year you would be 365 times better version of yourself.

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