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    It is high time that politicians stop playing cheap politics

    The daily cases of the new variant of Covid-19 is increasing by leaps and bounds. We now need an action plan at the national level to combat this third wave as they call it. Today, it has become a habit to blame the party in power in different States and there is cheap politics being played out.

    This is exactly what should not happen. It is a big national disaster and a great deal of co-operation between people at all levels is required. Oxygen is likely to be needed once again. There is no place for communal politics either, as the need of the hour is to view every human life as important and do our best. The rich should voluntarily contribute funds to help the Government and the voluntary agencies and the pace of vaccination should also be increased manifold.

    Tough times demand tough actions. Politics can wait. Hope all parties realize the gravity of the situation and do not indulge in cheap politics.
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    India is living and progressing through federal set up and the states need to understand that without center's help and advice, they cannot progress and it would be difficult for them. Having won the local votes, the regional parties feel that they can discard the center and do their governing on their own and miserably failed. When during the first wave the center gave advice and vaccines rolled out to the states, lots of politics, rejections and even down played the advice. The second wave made them to realize the mistake and yet on their ego. Now that the third wave is starring at many states, mostly those opposition states, the blame game started and raising the bogey of cheap politics. The learned persons in the same states are being posted of the situation and they are unable to come with the terms and they would show their anger through votes in future.
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    We have a federal republic democratic system. States work under the directive principles of the centre and with mutual cooperation we progress ahead. States are bound to follow the orders promulgated by the centre and strict compliance is needed. If states do not care for the centre then the system will collapse. In that case centre will blame them only and if needed can dissolve the state Govt and put President rule also. Those states which are taking it lightly are doing a grave mistake and the whole country will suffer.
    This is time to forget the inter party rivalry and we have to work shoulder to shoulder to come out of this situation and stop blaming centre everytime for our faults.
    Not taking action at their level and waiting indefinitely for centre and then criticising it is in a bad taste and creating bad instances and precedence in our country.

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    In the third wave, the deadly virus has started wreaking havoc all over the world. Therefore, we have to rise above party, ideological and religious differences to deal with it. Politics with Corona will be like playing with fire. No matter how good the health care system of a country is, without national unity, without the unity of the whole world, it is difficult to fight against this virus. There will be more time in the future for political parties to oppose, to prove their relevance, so this virus should not be turned into a weapon of politics.
    I think ordinary citizens should become more responsible and help in this situation.

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    I think all the States should take relevant actions based on the guidelines given by the Central government. The situation is not the same in all the states. The spread is very severe in some states and in some states it is not spreading so fast. So based on the situation one has to take the decision and take the required actions.
    There should not be any politics in taking actions to control the spread. I agree with that. Where is the question of communal politics here? In the first wave or the second wave, no official or politician talked about religion. Why the author felt that now, I don't know.
    The role of the individual citizen is very important now. All citizens should feel the responsibility and follow all the guidelines decided by the government. It is our life and we have to make sure that we will be safe. It is not correct to say that the government is not doing the needful.

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