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    Working Mothers- Please don't consider yourself guilty.

    When a child starts growing in a mother's womb itself, since then she dedicates herself to him, first changing her diet so that the health of the baby is good, then her routine, etc. And after the birth of the child, like a mother life is not only her, sleeping, waking up, eating everything changes according to the child.

    But nowadays most of the women are doing jobs which after a few months leave starts getting serious towards work, but at the same time, the feeling of mother guilt in their mind also starts troubling them. Most of the working women feel that they are not able to give the care of mothers to their children due to their careers, but they cannot leave the job either.

    Does such a situation happen to men or fathers also, do they bother with any feeling like Father Guilt, probably not.

    This is probably responsible for the ancient practice of society where the mother was given the responsibility of the child and the father was given the income. But now the time has changed, both are taking financial and family responsibilities together, I think mothers should not keep the feeling of such mother gilt in their mind.

    So if you are a working Mom, proud of yourselves cause you will give a bright future to your child.
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    When a child is born, the onus of nurturing falls on both mother and father while the attachment and need of mother is more, while that of father would be minimal. The first five years of child are the golden nurturing period to which total dedication is required from the mothers side. Right from feeding the child timely to maintain the hygiene of the child by regularly bathing, making him to eat fruits and food while he grows up through months. And the more care is taken and the more good habits are taught, the child would become one of the best citizen in future. The mother teaches the moral lesson, how to behave and how to speak with elders and all these are not taught in school and the working mothers would certainly miss every moment of new child playing and other intricacies for sure if they give credence to the job.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A mother's role cannot be made equal to anything in this world. Especially in India the position of a mother is number one as it is commonly told as 'Matha, Pitha, Guru and Deivam'. Here Mother is standing before a father, Teacher and even God. In many houses the mothers are not taking care on children as done earlier, in the sense of they have no time as they are working women. But on any account the role of mother, though she is a higher position in the universe, never rule herself from the role of mother. The mothers used to tell their daughters who are pregnant to take extra care as there are two lives. Of course, we have to fulfil many targets in our business or office schedule but feeling is a waste once we face problem later in the family due to carelessness in the health of herself and child in the womb.
    My mother used to tell a story about the mother's nature.
    A wife asked her husband to get his mother's heart as to see the love and kindness inside. On her request, he as lost his own mind, went to his mother and told about his wife's request. Mother without thinking a second, by producing a knife, asked him to take the heart of her. This fool person without knowing the consequences, took her heart in his hand and gone out. While he crossed the entrance he slipped his leg and fell down, at that time, the heart told him, "Oh son! take care, have you got injured anywhere?"

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    I used to feel guilty many times as I am not able to spare time and able to spend time with them when they are kids. My office work used to extend from morning to evening and hence I was not able to give time much to my family. Only my wife used to spend time with my two sons. I always used to think this point. But for me job is the necessity those days, as we are dependent on that only for my livelihood.
    Now I have time and I am spending with my granddaughters. My two sons always say that I have never spend time with them during their childhood. I always regret for the same. Really, for woring women, this is a big problem. They can't stop going to office. At the same time they can't leave the child to somebody in the house. Really, the trouble they take is very high and we have to help them in their works whereever possible so that they will have some free time.

    always confident

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