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    Why do people dream?

    This dream is usually a reflection of our subconscious thoughts, fears, or desires. According to popular belief and astrology, there is some meaning hidden in every dream. In dreams, people see a lot of things that seem to have no resemblance to reality. Again, many people say that if there is a problem in the stomach or the opposite, even if you eat more, the dream can increase. Not only from anxiety, but also from unconsciousness or the origin of nightmares? What did you say?
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    The most wonderful part of our life during the nights is the occurrence of dream. Some dreams are trendy, some are fashionable, some connects to the previous day, some dreams are unbelievable, some dreams are not achievable. Yet we come across the dream because, our mind is not sleeping and it never sleeps. When it takes round the things already happened or to the things which are going to happen in near future, we visualize something on our own perceptions and that is reflected in the dreams. Normally the wee hours dreams ie between 3 am to 5 am dreams would come true if it has the substance. But dreams can be scary and we feel like being followed and tortured for no fault of us and such dreams would spoil the very sound sleep and we feel like having a accompaniment for sure to ward off such bad dreams.
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    There are different reasons for dreaming which may not be explained yet. It is also believed that dreams are seen by those who think more, that is, what we are thinking, in the sleep of the night, our brain shows us an image in the form of a dream. On the other hand, it is also said that dreams indicate what is about to happen. Some people also extract the meaning of the events that happened in dreams. There are all kinds of dreams, good and bad, but understanding why they happen is still a puzzle.

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    Dreaming in the night is the wonderful experience but the ways we dream the events are beyond our comprehension. It might happen that there are dreams enough to terrorise us and even sometimes it might not have relevance with the dreams often witnessed by us. Suppose we have had a terrible moment with our boss and in a meeting occurred very recently, there was the exchange of hot talks between us resulting in the upset of moods for a couple of days. Dream seen in the last night was the biting of snake in my right arm. Does it indicate our bad relationship with the boss or is it signifying something thing else? There is always a peculiarity and by having such dreams, it would be difficult to correlate any event. However the opinions of psychologists differ in relation to dreams and they can make some interpretations connecting the dreams to our activities in day today lives.

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    The psychologists and experts believe that the dreams are only the reflections of our subconsciousness during the sleep. In our mind there is a huge memory where so many events are registered and memorised. During the sleep those thoughts would be interacting with each other in an unconscious and hibernating phase creating some energy packets moving inside the brain and that creates the bizarre pattern of dreams and subconscious thinking. That is the reason why dreams will not be smooth and straight forward. There will be different pieces scattered here and there and many times there will not be a coherency in that chain of thoughts in the sleeping body. The sequences will be abruptly cut and new sequences will start. Sometimes the disturbance is too much and the person actually gets up and starts worrying for that intensity of the dreams. The intensity of the dreams and their patterns would change from person to person and would depend on their life style and other factors.
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    During the day we will be hearing, seeing, reading and discussing different problems and issues. The human brain is having the tendency of storing all the issues and it will be thinking about those issues even without our notice. We may call it subconscious. When we sleep also our subconscious will be working and thinking is various issues. Those thoughts and those issues may come into our dreams. Sometimes dreams are in no way relevant also. We may see the people who died earlier also in the dreams. Sometimes we don't find any logic in the dreams what we get. There is a belief in some people that the dreams we get just before sunrise may become true shortly. But it is believed only and no logic behind it. Dreams need not be taken seriously but we should not forget our goals and responsibilities even in dreams also then only we will survive in this competitive world and progress well.
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