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    Do you have the dolls collection of your childhood ?

    There are some parents who keep the dolls collection of their children securely and pass it on the same as the legacy to the grand children and would watch how the dolls were received and played by the latest kids. The dolls of our childhood are not that modern to enjoy and cherish and yet the parents would have the feeling and connect. If the particular child is working abroad or out of country for one reason or the other, the parents would see them in the doll and cherish the old memories for sure. Do you have the dolls collection of your childhood ?
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    I have no dolls collection of childhood. I am the eldest son and after there are 7 children to my parents. So whatever dolls I played with were passed on to the next child and like that no dolls are left for my children. We have purchased separately for my two sons. Some dolls of my elder son were passed on to the younger son. So nothing is available in our house for my granddaughters also.
    But my grandfather presented a silver plate and a gold chain to me when I was a kid. Thos items are with me. I have not presented the same to my children. I have purchased a silver plate and gold chain separately. So my items are still with me only.
    It is good to have some items of our childhood with us and we can see them and enjoy them when we have some time during our life. I have an album with photos of my childhood. I will be seeing them whenever I have some time.

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