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    Be a legend, master or standout

    Be a legend, master or standout, all the three has the great meaning and needs to be clarified. By legend we mean accomplishment of all the legacies of their path of success and through them others take lots of inspiration and even wants to emulate them. By master we mean total control over the profession they are dealing and thus become the mentor or the savior for those who they want their attention. And the standout person is the most reliable, most sought for, and most liked person in the society because his very nature of helping others to overcome the fear phobia of any nature.
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    A stand our person can become a master and then he can become a legend. A person who performs well and shows his performance level will be always recognised by all. He will be a stand out a person among the lot. Such persons will become good stuff for promotion or for a good increment.
    Such stand out persons on experience can become good masters. They can train their juniors. They can show the ways of managing difficult situations and problems in the work area. Such masters on experience may become legends.
    A legend is one who makes a strong impression among all the masters of the era. He will be the best among the masters and he will lead the leaders.

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