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    Why the taste and size of the rice differs between North and South ?

    India has been producing quality rice and wheat across the country and the North India is fond of eating more wheat and the South India wants more rice and less wheat. Even though the premium variety of Basmati rice or the Biryani rice what we call in Hyderabad, is produced in the North, the normal variety is not produced, may be there are less takers. Whereas in South India there are many varieties of rice and each region produces the best of rice. Even wheat is grown in South agriculture lands. Why the taste and size of the rice differs between North and South ? And even the rates also varies.
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    For rice production, AP, TS and W. Bengal are well known. South India is the region of India where more than 100 varieties of different rice produced. Out of these Kurnool Sona Masoori rice is the best variety according to my knowledge. This rice is available at a cost above Rs.50. This rice will be used as daily usage for meals in most families of AP and TS. Basmati rice has around 34 varieties. Usually this rice will be used for Biryani and Fried rice preparation. Usually this rice cost above Rs.70. States like Punjab, Haryana and UP are well known for cultivation of this rice. I think the climatic conditions are helpful for cultivation of this type of rice in North. But at present in various districts of AP and TS also farmers cultivating Basmati rice.

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    Even quality wise the Warangal rice in TS is on par with Kurnool rice of AP.
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    The taste and nutrition in the agricultural products being produced in different geographical locations are generally different from each other if not drastically then to some extent. During the passage of time many genetic changes also take place in these crops and the output changes with time to time. The agricultural experts know a lot of about this and can tell how many varieties of a particular product is there in our country.
    Another interesting thing is that some people have a liking for a particular taste and flavour and they may not like the other one even if the other ine may be better or best for someone else.
    Individual liking plays a big role in this differentiation.

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    That all depends on the quality and type of land. The type of seed we are using will also make the difference.
    The fruits that we get from the Godavari Delta of Andhra Pradesh will be very tasty but the same fruits grown in Telangana are not that tasty. The reason is the atmosphere and the strength of the soil. When the water is abundant the atmosphere will be humid and you will have wetness in the atmosphere. In this atmosphere, the fruits will be having some wetness and they taste better. But if the water is less, the atmosphere will be dry and humidity will be less. In that environment, the fruits we get will be less tasty and they will get dried easily.
    The same is the case with rice also, Rice will grow better when we have good water and the atmosphere is not very dry. In dry areas, they are not grown. But these we are getting river water from far away places and we are growing rice in those areas will taste different.

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