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    Follow TSP if you're approaching ladder of success

    Follow TSP if you approaching ladder of success. What is TSP. T stands for technique. This is very important approach to life because, every job or work has the unique style to accomplish and if we have the total control over the same , then the progress of ladder would be smooth. S stands for Steer the problematic area to the amicable solution finding method so that the problems wont happen again. P stands for Plan the progress of life in such a way that there is no hassle, there is no complain and there is no wants pending for the project. So if these things are followed the progress to ladder to the top achievement is surely possible.
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    A good suggestion from the author. TSP is technic. steer and Plan system for success. One should have the technical expertise required for the job and then only he/ she can progress in life. Without having the required skill for a particular role, one can't progress in a career. That is why we should learn and practice the latest developments in the area of our work. Steering is necessary. The leader can steer the team. So a senior employee should have all the qualities that are required for a leader and he should know how to drive his team to success. Planning is very important and this plan should have a direction and there should be a time schedule for completing the program. That is why before going ahead with the execution of the project one should assess the total work involved and a road map is to be made with all these details so that we can progress well.
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