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    Role of society in our life.

    From the time we are born till the time we die, our whole life is lived as a part of society. We are living life with different relationships, traditions, responsibilities, etc. The society of which we are a part has its own customs and we follow them and consider them to be ours. But many times it is not understood that what should be the role of society in our life, and who will decide its limitations. Sometimes we suppress our happiness or the happiness of our loved ones because it is not appropriate according to the society we are a part of. After all, what role is society playing in our lives, providing support or restrictions?
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    Man is a social animal. It cannot live without a society. The human beings need a society to quench their urge for gregariousness and companionship. When we live in a society then we have to follow the basic rules and regulations of that society and would have to adhere or follow them to quite an extent. Only then society would be doing us a favour of accepting as a member of that. The problem which sometimes arise is due to our individuality where we sometimes do not bother for the society and go ahead with our own convictions. In such cases the society sometimes agree if we are the influential lot or expel us from their minds if we are a mediocre person. So society is like a two sided sword. We have to careful with the society in many such respects.
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    When we are living in the society, we have to follow the norms and rules and there is no other go. But many may not like as too much limitations are imposed and the modern youth unable to understand the strict rules from the society which offers no help but the rules need to be followed. Actually we have given the rights and responsibilities to the societies to dictate terms to us and if someone wish they can get out of the society and live independently but that would be very taxing as the relations and friends would be cut off from the main stream life to which we are not habituated. Having fear of such kind of back lash, many adjust with the rules and regulations of the society. But modern thinking process also started in the society and some exceptions are being allowed these days, thanks to the youth power.
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    ' When in Rome do as the Romans do ' Many residents of a society be it a samal,mediocre or a large one expect the people living with them to follow what every body does. If someone goes against them they are treated as outcasts.
    Earlier people used to follow all the norms laidby the society. But the Generation Z now are not wlilling to accept every thing and questions them.
    I think following the society is good but we can act according to our will when don't want to do certain things.

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    Society plays a very important role in our lives. A human being is a social animal and we require the support of this society sometimes in our lives. So we all should give importance to Society. Society is nothing but a group of people of different types and different mindsets. So we can't please everybody and at the same time, we can't go against everybody. So a balanced approach is always required.
    To have a cohesive society some rules and regulations were made and it is always good to follow the law of the land so that we will not become a bad element in this society. But at the same time, we can't leave everything for the sake of this society. So we should behave in such a way we will not harm anybody and at the same time, we will not get hurt. Society will say what we should not do but will never say what we have to do. We have to use our own mind and decide what we should do and how we should behave.

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    Society is not a new one. It is nothing but ourselves. My mother used to tell if your tongue is good your society is good. Similarly the things whatever we are expecting from the society should be initiated from our side. Without extending our finger it is not correct to expect from others or society.
    We should keep our area clean by dropping garbage into the provided dustbin and not outside the dustbin.
    We should not spit on roads
    we should respect others
    In one Tamil cinema there was a song, "naadennna seithathu enakku endra kelvikal ketpathetharku, nee enna seithaai atharku'. This means we should ask ourselves what we did for our country instead of asking what the country did for us?"

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    Society has always been there and it is created by none other than us. Society might restrict you at some point or push you to better yourself. However if you look through you'll see that it is the people and not the society as society is built by people. Our role in society is whatever we do. The society doesn't have a path and role decided for us. We don't run according to society as I mentioned. We run on our own will, and on the journey we contribute towards the society to its growth. The society works on its terms and the people are contributes to it. We on our journey achieve and leave behind whatever we can to the society starting from our ideology to materials. Nonetheless, we don't have a prescribed role in it but we do contribute in whatever ways we can free from influence.
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