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    Why do the behaviour of some boys change after their marriage?

    Marriage is a very important event in the lives of people and after marriage many changes take place. As the girls have to leave their parent's house, it is obvious that they have to adjust a lot in the new surroundings and in doing so they might change in many respects with time and that is the normal thing. But what is not understood is that some boys though they are not disturbed in this process are also affected and their behaviour with their parents and other people sometimes drastically change and the parents generally blame the daughter in law for that which may not be a correct thing to do. What is the reason of this change of behaviour in the boys after the marriage? Any view or opinion?
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    Nice observation from the author. Yes the behavior of the boys do change drastically as they tilt towards the wife side and goes for full support. Normally the mother in law feels that the new daughter in law should take over the reigns family and she must get up early and do all the chores of the morning requirement. But in these modern days, when both are working and late to bed, then early to rise is not possible and thus earn the wrath of Mother in law which is not liked by the son. And over the period of time these kinds of faces offs turns to be very sore on relations and they part the ways. And even become so much enemy of the parents, they fail to give the requisite monthly money to the parents. This is happening in many homes and the boys need to balance the situation between the mother and wife.
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    The author is correct that the behaviour of the boy changes once he is married. He was quite affectionate to his parents and more so, he was inclined to his mother and whenever there was the question of some presentation to be given, it was her his darling mother. This happening gradually changes after the marriage taking every care of his wife. Mother in law would like to shift all the responsibilities to the newly married daughter in law since she feels tired with her complete involvement with the domestic chores and now is the time for the mother in law to be relaxed. The daughter in law would share all the responsibilities making her mother in law happy. This would prove to a matter of short time and later after getting her support of her husband, she works fearlessly pleasing her husband only. This aspect has to be taken care of by the boy so that their parents are not deprived of the genuine shares.

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    The behaviour of the boys may change after marriage. That may be due to the attraction he is having towards the new human being entered in his life. Many boys are not staying with their parents these days. They are going to a different place due to their job. The newly married girl will accompany him and stay with him only. The chances of in-laws staying with them are very remote these days. So she will try to impress her husband and see that he will give importance to her words. The attraction the boy had will make him get changed and sometimes that will be good for him and for his parents and sometimes it may be bad. It all depends.
    In general, a man is always between two ladies. One side mother and the other side wife. He has to maintain the balance and see that both of them are happy. But it is very difficult and sometimes they may go to a side and forget the other side. In any case, the sufferer is the boy only.

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    The change in boys after marriage is major cause to the family conflicts. The boys are in the family somehow or other keep themselves away from parents. Their initial mentality motivate them to hate the parents or brothers etc. according to the family circumstances. In some houses the boys afraid to take family responsibility after the parents. These are make them to stay aloof. After marriage they want to live separately from them, so they put seed in the minds of wife about his interest. She, by utilizing this chance, blow the balloon into a big one and there by they shifted to separate house by making the parents in destitute level. In some other cases the ladies are of that mentality and they took the husband as a tool for their ambition. No mother is bad as well no wife is bad but the main reason is boy.
    In some houses the practice follow up raise the issue, the wife wants to apply her own house practice and the boy prevents her, so the issue comes in the minds of wife by assuming that the mother in law is the reason for his control.
    Such boys and girls will realize the bad outcome for the parents only when they face the same situation in their old age but his or her parents will not be there to see the change.
    Both father, mother, father in law and mother in law are important and this should be kept in minds of all family members. By seeing this it is to think whether marriage between relations would better.

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