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    Why Toll gate taxes are so high?

    When we go on national high ways, we find at many places toll gate taxes will be collected for our vehicles without any discrimination. When we study these taxes , they are very high. For example, when we traveled from Hyderabad in TS to Guntur in AP , toll gate tax will be collected at five places that costs above Rs.700 for a car in one way. Like this several thousand vehicles will pass through these toll gates, and we can imagine the quantity of taxes collected. But with this amount two persons can travel in a state transporting bus. Why such a huge collection of taxes and is actually burdening common man? Do you support such huge collection of toll gate taxes from individuals? Do you think this taxes should be reduced atleast half?
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    The National Highways and the state highways are made and operated by the private companies on BOLT scheme that means they have to invest and build the road, operate the same, lease from the government for some years and then transfer the same to the respective govt. That means govt has not spent anything on the roads, and the toll taxes collected from us are the income to recover cost, salary to the staff and also maintenance. But one can always use the internal roads of the villages to avoid the toll taxes if the driver has the idea to navigate. Every main road has the approach to village or town through which they can get out without paying the toll tax. But what the author said is right, the amount collected is whooping and the traffic on Guntur corridor is very high and they are minting money.
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    These people want good infrastructure and facilities and they never mind paying a little for the extra comfort they are getting. Another issue is attracting foreign investors to India. If the facilities are not good, many investors may not come here. Against this backdrop, the government has decided to go for good roads and then maintain the roads. If this is taken up by the government again the roads will get spoiled and there will be nobody whom we can question. So the maintenance part is given to some private parties and they have to maintain the roads. If the roads are not maintained properly there is a chance we can question the private company who are maintaining the roads.
    There may be some guidelines for deciding the rate of toll for the passengers. A common man may not be travelling in the car from Hyderabad to Guntur. The common man may be travelling in public transport and there the charges for an individual may be less only I feel.

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    The main reason for high toll tax is the private partnership with the Govt by the companies in this regard. Companies invest money and they want return on it so there is no other way except to get it through toll tax. If government has sufficient money and they do it themselves then there will not be any toll tax. Most of us will like that situation. But that is possible only in the country where all the people pay tax honestly. Not in a country where raiding the house of a businessman the raiding party finds cash amount to the tune of 300 crores or like that.
    Then there is an element of corruption also there because there is a difference between Government executing a job and private company executing the same job.

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    Yes, these toll taxes do pinch a lot, especially when you are travelling interstate, say from Hyderabad to Kolkata and likewise. But then they are a necessity these days, considering that these highways and expressways provide us with an alternative to travel on our own without having to rely either on the railways or the airlines. Traveling in our own vehicle provides us with a lot of flexibility and leverage and add to it the adventure of road travelling. Now, as already pointed out by others, all these comes at a price, a steep one. To have expressways and highways, where you not only travel at great speeds but enjoy the ride as well, needs great roads, or tarmacs, I will say. Since it is simply not possible for the government alone to finance such costly ventures, the cost has to be recovered from the users, which means us who travel by that stretch of road. Ordinary people, who travel by buses, don't feel that heavy a pinch. It's the likes of those travelling by their own vehicles that are mostly burdened, but an acceptable one for most.
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    The toll gate taxes come to more than one rupee per kilometer. These rates are high. Mr. Nitin Gadkari previously announced that toll taxes will not be dispensed with even if the money spent on laying the road is recovered. We can expect this a permanent tax. From time to time the toll taxes are enhanced also. The condition of the National Highways on some stretches is also not good. Lots of potholes. We have no other way than to bear with these taxes along with other taxes which are also high.
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