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    Responsibility of the PM to speak out

    There is a horrible trend in Indian politics. There is one really communal party and its ideological organization that was once banned in India. Since 2014, this organization and some firebrand elements of this ideological organization who have been giving really communal speeches that strike at the very grassroots of democracy and also the Indian Constitution.

    But we now have a very dangerous situation where the Prime Minister keeps quiet and does not utter a single word against the hate speech. Of course, the Supreme Court is taking some action and there is bound to be some reaction from more balanced individuals. One hears that a number of intellectuals from the IIM, Bangalore, have requested the PM to open his mouth and speak against the hate speeches.

    We live in an inter-dependent world and merely hugging the Pope in his own place or showing some signals of secularism are just not enough to prove to the world that India is a democracy and that human values are very important.

    One hopes that the PM will at least speak out now and lessen the damage that has already been done.
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    The author has been raising thread after thread against the PM and almost all his threads are containing cascading remark to which one day he may be held responsible for venting such contents regularly. When the law is present and when the courts are posted of the happenings and the hate speech, why should the PM involve in the matter of no concern to him. Those who are speaking wrong would be accountable and caught by the law enforcing agency and they would face the tune. PM already told in the meeting that he had enough enemies around the country and he has earning the wrath of them now and then and therefore he no more interested to speak out on issues not concerning the country. PM always speaks for the national interest and other things are immaterial to him and the low rank would handle the same.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    India is a secular country and democratic country. There are people who talk as they like.
    An MP from a communal party from Hyderabad once told in a public meeting that if he was given a sword and power, within a few hours he will see that there will no Hindu in this country. He was never questioned for that and the then PM also kept silent. Why? When a responsible person like an MP talks like this, why does the government spare him?
    Now the hate speeches were made by somebody who is not in power and by a person who changed his religion and now criticising the religion from which he came out. In such a situation why the PM should speak? I am not able to understand. Already police filed a case against him and the court is also becoming alert. Why should we expect PM to speak?

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    State government has to take action against the hate speeches whenever people are making it belonging to any religion or group. There should not be any bias in this matter and police is with the state Govt. Who stops them for taking the action? Why we are waiting for the PM for it. Until unless state Govt improve their law and order situation and arrest the actual culprits, centre will not be able to do anything.
    Some of the state Govt are still in that old appeasement mind set and taking actions against a select few. This is in bad taste and has to be discontinued. We should fight against these defaulting states and should not ask everything at PM level.

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    The subject apart, the threatening tone of a member in his response is deplorable. Why the Prime Minister talks to the country? It is only to assure the people. When there was a hate speech imploring to kill the people of a particular minority community, the nation looks at the Prime Minister. The silence of the Prime Minister in a matter which has implications all over the country raises questions as in a letter to the Prime Minister from the staff and students of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and also Banglore.

    The hate speeches have the potential to disturb peace and harmony in society all over the country. The Union government has to take notice of such happenings and take appropriate action. It is not just a State government issue. The Courts of Law will hear the cases filed before them and deliver justice with reference to the case. The responsibility of the Union government is paramount.

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    The author appears to be a follower or supporter of a particular political party and is vehemently opposed to the ruling party at centre. This is seen from his many posts. Hence he sees everything in a biased way.

    Hate speech also gets back hate speech. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Unfortunately till now there was not much equal reactions. So the hate speech coming from the other side(which the author has soft corner and which he does not see or consciously avoids to see ) only was seen till now. Now that the same gets equal retaliation speech, the author is perturbed.

    The major media houses in this country simply blackout the truth and bring out what is in their political favour . Many vested interests, which are mostly anti-India, are affected by the present Central Government's timely and relevant actions and policies. So they all have grouped under one omnibus umbrella and do not spare even a small occasion to malign the central government, They are all very insecure and disturbed n this government's continuing, because most pf their surreptitious anti-India activities with their inside supports here are now exposed and people know about it well. So their only way out is to bring out falsehoods, half-truths, manufactured lies etc. Some of our gullible and innocent countrymen also fall prey to that and believe those lies until they get the real fact right. Some others who are the loyal followers and supporters of certain parties who also have their own interest to out the present PM also take the lies as truth and give it publicity.
    This is what is happening .

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    When it comes to public connectivity the present PM is most approachable than any other person across the country and one can always connect to him through the social media handle. For that matter when Congress was in power, the lower rank ministers were doing the favor of reacting to each and every questions or remarks raised by others, same way the PM has lots of subordinates and they would do the favor. Moreover it is question of freedom of speech also. If the hate speech was banned and that would be another bogey of non tolerance. The law of the land is watching everyone and appropriate steps are taken to book them and questioned. But we are not coming across the things that are happening and the author need not worry to much about this. Next time our editors should also restrain from posting hate on PM time and again.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with the author there is a need for the Prime minister to address the situation. The way many youngsters are falling prey to radicalisation and religious ideologies need to be brought back on the track of academics. These genius minds are getting corrupted with the poison of hatred and superiority of a certain way of life. Prime minister if not in particularly secular terms, at least come forward and speak against atrocities being done in the name of religion. This will have a far-reaching impact at least for those young minds who blindly follow him and elders in such households.
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    I object when someone says that India is a secular country. India was never a secular country not by the very Constitution and not by its very conduct.

    The problem with the few is that the people of different political faiths and different political ideologies are being questioned and many are unable to digest this.

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    Could you please explain the below,

    "This will have a far-reaching impact at least for those young minds who blindly follow him and elders in such households."

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    In a country where people of different ideologies, thoughts and views, it is the freedom of expression expressed by the author where in the Prime minister was able to speak and raise a matter of security lapse on his arrival which he changed the mode of transportation due to inclement weather it was a sheer logistical arrangement of the protesting farmers in a short notice of 90 minutes is illogical.
    Visiting your country farmers who are on a protest poses a threat and when the hate speech alarming the danger of motivating many cropping up moral police who can take up laws into their hands isn't a threat.
    PM seems to be silent even when the farmers were protesting in New Delhi, when people target minorities with hate speech, just a mann ki baath assurance of he is aware of the current affairs even when the state government fails could give a chide to the sleeping government.
    Young minds are impressionable minds and tone of narratives set by the leaders and which is highlighted in the media become popular views and will become embedded into their minds.
    Since PM is popular and influential amongst the youngsters, apparently his statements and his silence has compounding effects.
    This is my thought.

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    @Catherine, why PM not to choose to react on the farm stir because it was engineered from outside the country, sponsored by other enemy country, and the protest was to weak the government and those who participated were not the farmers and someone else who are paid for the protest. Frankly speaking no farmer in India would leave his land and waste time on the road in protest and that would have far reaching effect on his work and income. So in this back drop PM choose not to react or answer them. Now you see after the farm laws are re-appealed the so called protesting farmers are now joined as the group have floated a party and that would contest the elections in Punjab to defeat the BJP. So the motive has been exposed and not knowing this people are seeking PM to intervene and speak on the subject which is not a matter at all.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks much to have comments ,much appreciated. To counter the above comments in 2017, Tamil Nadu farmers who were in Jantar mantar for more than 28 days requesting the central government to listen to their plea, and a peace movement staged by them for a genuine cause of natural calamities which they meted, their plea was never addressed leave alone addressing was not even given a heed whereas it was not engineered or plotted as we think, for more clarification wikipedia has given a detailed capture of the events and the innocent farmers who staged different demonstrations to capture the government's attention but futile they were. These farmers they left their farms and staged dharna for their necessities and we should respect every individual who are distressed and easy to sit and analyze.

    I strongly feel the protests do not destabilise the government when it is for the betterment of society .

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