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    Can Jagan of AP become another Stalin?

    The present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is a man of action. He never talks much and makes up for all that he means, through his action. He has already won millions of hearts by really slogging it out -- a punishing 18 or 19 hour work day is so common for him. Even one big communal party with a very small presence is now finding out some avenue to attack him, but he enjoys maximum support.

    The question that naturally comes to one's mind is: can Jagan of AP, do something similar? One remembers that when he assumed power, he was reported to be close to people and was very popular. One really does not know what he is doing now.

    We need a very strong front in 2024 to defeat communal forces in India. One has already suffered so much in the past seven odd years. Can Jagan rise up to the challenge?
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    The author is unaware of the fact that Jagan is the corrupted person and court cases are pending against him to be given either verdict against or clear him. Technically speaking he should have been debarred from contesting elections as cases are going on. On the other hand he has not done anything formidable for the public except marginalizing the presence of TDP as opposition and he is taking such actions so that TDP would not contest at all in the next election. But discontent is brewing up as TDP sent feelers to Pavan Kalyan along with the left parties for a grand tie up with TDP in future, but Pavan is already with BJP group. So this should worry the Jagan govt because once the Naidu gets into hold, then old glory would be back and all the past misdeeds of Jagan would be put to punish for sure and that is going to happen.
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    I have seen many Chief Ministers. Many of them might have done mistakes but nobody has done 100% mistakes. Jagan is the first CM I have seen who is doing everything wrong only.
    The state is not having money and the salaries of the State government employees are not completely paid by the 8th of every month. He wants to sell the lands of temples, tell you only temples, not the places of worship of other religions, and use that money. He stopped many free items earlier he was giving. His one-point agenda is to make money for him. If somebody thinks that he is good or efficient we can say that the assessor is not having the skills of assessing. If his policies continue for some more time the State will become non-existent and people will go to other states to make a living. As per the latest reports already people are unhappy with his style of functioning. Who is going to win in the next elections is a big question mark.

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    As per the information available in news and social media Mr Jagan is not doing well in the state and failing in many endeavours. Why state is not able to manage the funds is also a matter of concern. They must be getting a good amount from the centre also toward GST and other taxes and still if they are not able to manage then there must be rampant corruption in the system where all the money would be siphoned by the masters and administrators. This condition can not prevail for a longer time and if this continues then in all probability he will be out of the power soon.
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