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    What is the most beautiful village of your State?

    There are some You Tube videos about one fabulous village in Nagaland. It is so natural and so beautiful.

    Tamil Nadu is home to some fabulous villages too. There are too many to list, but one such is a lovely village called Veppathur, in the Mayiladuthurai district of Tamil Nadu. It was earlier in the Tanjore district, but now reportedly comes under the new district.

    It has rich farms and very fertile fields. There are two temples in the small village but the temples do need to be repaired. It is well connected by buses from Kumbakonam, which is around 10 kilometers away, and is a big town that has too many temples. Kumbakonam itself is exactly 45 kilometers from another big town called Tanjore, the district headquarter town, that houses the world-class Deemed University called SASTRA.

    What is the most beautiful village of your State? Unfortunately, I do not have videos of the village, but possibly Google might carry some videos. Members may share photographs of such beautiful villages.
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    Now a days most of the villages are developed across the country thanks to either the corporate development or some social organization connected to well being are developing the same. Sometimes the mere presence of a famous temple would bring in the great development. In our city Chilkur is the village where in 450 year old Balaji temple is giving darshan to those who aspire to go abroad and settle and thus this temple is known as Visa temple and daily youth and young ones make 108 parikrama around the temple and many have tasted the success. The temple located in small village , full of farming, and sweet water lake supply drinking water to the Hyderabad city also located in this village and thus within no time many farms were converted into farm house for renting for the pilgrims to have more time spend.
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    There are many villages in Kerala which are beautiful. Good plantation, water canals on the side of the road, coconut or banana gardens. When we enter into a village we see almost all in these villages. similar villages are there in Konaseema of Andhra Pradesh also.
    There are many villages in Konaseema of Andhra Pradesh and we see many mango gardens, paddy fields, banana gardens. sugar cane fields. A blacktop road going into the village with a canal on one side and the fields on the other side. Spacious houses like farmhouses in cities. The backside of the house will be a paddy field. The front side of the house will be a coconut garden. Many houses like this. Water tank with a small park on the shore of the tank. One side big water overhead tank for drinking water supply to the whole village. A temple, a church and a mosque within the village. People will be gathering in the road junction in the evening and discussing everything across. I have seen many such beautiful villages but there are no videos.

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    I belong to Uttarakhand state and there are so many villages in that state which are located in very picturesque and beautiful locations and it is very difficult to tell that which one is the best among them. Most of the villages are either in the valley or in the flank of the hills and also surrounded by many other hills and there are rivers going through and there are forests around it and the beauty of nature is simply mesmerizing in that state. Due to deforestation some natural falls have reduced in their water capacity but still during the rainy season and winters it gives a very nice view wherever these falls are located.
    Many tourists visit state of Uttarakhand round the year and there are so many picnic spots and tourist places that one can choose from. Nainital and Mussoorie are two important hill stations which are well known and there is good crowd of tourists in both these places
    Coming to the villages it is very difficult to pinpoint a single village but as per my information and experience the best among the lot is Chaukori village which is emerging as a tourist destination.

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