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    What is anxiety? Is it something in head?

    Anxiety is a behavioural disorder. Behavioural disorders can be caused from different reasons. It can be due to a certain big eventful and stressful situation or certain small stressful situations that causes the buildup. Similarly one can feel anxiety due to these reasons, it can be due to a certain big stressful event that they might've gone through, or they are going through tough times that includes plenty of stressful events. And suffering from these results in the person to suffer from generalized anxiety as they now have a build up of fear or something that can trigger them and scare them.Anxiety is not something one cooks up in their head, it is a disorder that leads to over thinking and hypertension. An anxiety person cooks up situations in head and over thinks about it until it is turned into hypertension. Anxiety is a problem of most of teenagers and adults in our country. Meditation and therapy can ease your stress. But in all depends on your own control over your mind.
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    According to me the anxiety comes from the habit of knowing things fast and nothing connected to the head or brain. That means we become so restless and would waste time unless and until the fact known to us no matter what kind of probing and visits are required to have the details in full. A person with anxiety would not sit at one place and he would be moving around and looking for probable leads to crack the details. And the eagerness to know the things than others is also one of the reason for anxiety. For example on the day of result declaration online, we know the hits would be many and sometimes we may not get into the result details and that would increase the anxiety for more and if the information already seen by relative or the friend and then shared to us even before we knowing the suspense is lost.
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    Anxiety is a psychological disorder I think and psychiatrists will suggest a way out for this ailment. A person who is having this anxiety will think more about the issue and think in a negative way only.
    For example, if a person who is having this anxiety neurosis is suffering from a small headache, he may think that that headache is due to brain cancer and he thinks he may die because of that headache. So he starts thinking about that problem only and in that process, his headache will increase and even the medicine he is using may not work and his headache may not come down.
    As mentioned by the author if we have control over our minds we will never feel this anxiety. By doing some meditation or Yoga I think we can achieve this control. But after a particular age getting control on our mind is very difficult.

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    Anxiety is not a disease and cannot be cured unless otherwise the subjected person realize this. We almost all of us, will be in the position of anxiety daily. We should think whether this anxiety is necessary to us. As anxiety is a matter of self growing, it enlarges its level more and more and the reduction possibility is in the hands of such persons who are in anxiety stage.
    One drunkard brought to a doctor by his wife to stop his addict. During the enquiry the doctor speak to him various topics and lastly asked him what was the reason for his over drinking. The man told because of anxiety only he is drinking. Doctor again asked his what was his anxiety. The man replied over drinking is the anxiety in him.

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    Anxiety is a natural thing and it is present in many people in less or more quantity depending on their outlook and the circumstances or situations in which they are living.
    The source of anxiety would be different from one person to another. For example a student can have anxiety about his performance in the coming exams. A family head can have anxiety as how to manage the expenses within the small earning.
    Whatever be the source of anxiety it always effects our health and mood. The experts suggest many ways to combat the evil of anxiety and some of them are to keep oneself engaged in work and divert from such situation where the chances of getting anxiety increase.

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