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    Is it right to increase the age of marriage of women to 21?

    Nowdays it is a point of discussion in news regarding age at marriage of women. As you know earlier it was18 yrs and now increased to 21. Which kind of changes would come in life of women. Will they be more empowered? Whether their employment capacity will increase or not? Their mortality rate will decrease due to increased age at marriage. Will they fulfil their responsiblity better than earlier? What is your opinion about it?
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    This point was discussed once earlier I remember. Increasing the eligibility age for marriage is considered to be a good move. 18 years means the girl may not be finishing her studies and if marriage is fixed she may be forced to discontinue her studies. A girl will become more mature as she becomes aged and she can think in a better way and behave in a mature way. That is nothing but empowering her only.
    But some people say these days the girl is becoming very selective and this will get further strengthened if the age limit is increased. Many parents expressed this doubt.
    But I personally feel the age limit for a boy and a girl should be the same. Why there should be a difference. We want all genders to be treated properly. So I support this move.

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    By increasing age from 18 to 21 would be a good move in the sense that it would take care of both the maturity of the girls apart from their completion of education being pursued by them. There has been some changes in the earlier trends since the girls would like to be self sufficient even in terms of financial securities. It appears a positive change from the earlier ones.
    Now talking in terms of the biological growth of the girls, 21 is the right age of their marriage when there would not be any complication relating to the forthcoming delivery issue of the girl since her body is fully geared to conceive without any complication.

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    We have already discussed this matter in the past and still has the scope to discuss. As the world changes, there need to be some changes in the thought process. As regards to marriage age being now raised to 21 , it is the very good decision as there is total empowerment and freedom to the girl as she can decide a career , earn some money for her own marriage and also make provisions for the parents future if she happens to be one child. And by 21 years the girl would also get the knowledge of how to manage the husband and her family and that matured behavior would have say on the working style to the likes of in laws. And she would certainly gives birth to the healthy child and not the under nourished child which was happening in case early marriages. I fully support the new rule of 21 years age for the girl.
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    Increase in marriageable age sure has lot many benefits for women. However, I have a hunch that it's not only women empowerment, but something else will get addressed as well with this new law. In recent years we have been hearing of various incidents involving inter-religious marriages, where men from one community marry girls from another community. Since the girls are young in age and not mature enough, they are easily lured into a marital alliance with a boy from a different community, and at times are forced to change their religion too. By increasing the marriageable age, there will be less likelihood of such events as the girls are likely to be more matured with greater ability to understand their surroundings. It is just a hunch, I may be entirely wrong, so please don't take it too seriously. Otherwise also, apart from getting more matured, late marriageable age for women has numerous benefits, like getting the opportunity to complete their higher education, getting opportunities for making a career and foremost, getting more time to stay with her parents and siblings before having to leave her parental home once for ever. In any case these days most city and town women are giving priority to their education and career and as such are marrying after 21 only.
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    This matter was discussed very recently. I do not know why this thread is not locked.
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    Will lock this thread if need be. Please share the link of the said thread. Apologies for my ignorance, was not aware that the topic has been discussed quite recently.
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