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    Extreme radicalisation on the name of Religion and brainwashed youngsters

    Recently the news has shaken many parents whose children spent too much time on social media and smart gadgets. As the name and age of youths coming at the forefront and masterminds behind the bulli bai app and suli deals which auctioned many Muslim women by taking their photos from social media handles.
    The kind of hatred with which these kids grew up towards other religions and the superiority complex which they have about their religion causing such disasters.
    These youngsters were full of superiority complex about their religion with their bizarre relationship with science and tech.
    Despite having genius they were misguided, which tells us the need for ethical education in our society with secular studies. Here society as a whole needs to be more concerned since these youngsters don't have any regrets in fact are proud of what they dis.
    Anything at the extreme can cause such results destroying careers.
    What is your opinion on such radicalisation of a young mind in the name of religion?
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    The radicalisation of young minds in the name of religion is disastrous. In our country, the same is encouraged by people of certain sections. The silence of the government is ominous. Much damage has already been caused. The silence of the Prime Minster makes it more difficult. He alone can stem the rot by opening his mouth. The youth once radicalised in the name of religion will develop hatred towards other religions. Hindu religion never supports intolerance towards other religions. It professes tolerance and that is the greatness of the religion. It is unfortunate that some religious heads are conducting Dharma Sansad's and propagating genocide of a particular minority community. No immediate action against them was taken and cases were booked under a lot of pressure.

    The trend of radicalisation of the youth in the name of religion continues without any check, the country will face difficult times. The Hindus are going to many other countries where the religion is different. The happenings in India against particular communities will spoil the relations and cause many problems. Recently a Sikh religion cab driver was assaulted in the USA. The government there immediately issued a statement condemning the incident and promised to take necessary action to see that such things do not happen in the future. Whether it is USA or India, such things should not happen and it is the duty of the government to take all precautionary measures.

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    Nice post from the author. There seems to be uneasy moments in some religions which are wrongly guided by their heads and wrongly giving message that there is a threat for their survival in future and thus take the route of hatred and take the law into their own hands and boss over the other religion. Those who feel that they are insecure here, they can leave the country for greener pastures and no body is going to stop them. And if hand full of radicals wants to boss over the majority religion then there would be total turmoil in future and law and order problems would be faced in many states. The state police must nip such groups from channelizing the support and stop their action. Let them glorify their religion but not at the behest of degrading other religion nor indulging in forced conversions which was their aim.
    K Mohan
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    In the name of religion some people spread the hatred and then it percolates down to the young people in the society and then they do something unexpected and extreme of this nature. If we analyse this phenomena worldwide then we will find that in many communities the youngsters are doing like that and creating big problems.
    In some communities it is unfortunate but true that the youngsters are being given terrorist training to create problems in other places. Young minds are like blank slate and if we teach them such things then it is really very horrible.
    These youngsters are learning all these traits only from the society and their elders and we cannot entirely put all the blame on them only.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In Andhra Pradesh, in some government schools, some officials forced some Hindu students to get converted to another religion and threatened them with dire consequences if they refuse to convert. There are many unreported cases in AP. There are many people who are getting worried about this. How government officials are going for such acts I am not able to understand. These officials are trying to talk negatively about religion to promote another religion. Religion is the choice of the individual. Generally, parents religion will be the religion for the kids, Once they become aged, they may change if they want. But why one should force others to change.
    Infecting the young minds with unnecessary hatred about other religions is in no way acceptable and such people should be punished. But some sections of society are going for such unwanted activities which are alarming. No one should encourage.

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