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    What does the word ' inmates' actually refersto?

    Inmates are those people who are incarcerated in prisons where are people living in homes or orphanages are residents .
    Please post some special words which you think some members would be keen to follow. Learning new words will help us to extend our vocabulary and we can also use these words to improve our English skills.
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    Inmates are those who are in the trial and being lodged at the jails wanting for evidence and further proof to make the conviction and give the punishment or release. Inmates can be male and female and they get paid for the work done inside the jail. Now coming to the point of sharing new words, it is good idea to improve English this way. In this regard I wish to share a word called "pruning " that means getting the best out of the present and normally we do the pruning to the plants or the flower bearing stems that would be pruned to size so that they wont branch out and by pruning we can see and adore the plants in a more likable way. Likewise people around us need to be pruned and we cannot make friendship with those who are burdensome to us and create more botheration in the long run.
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    Yes, it is true that prisoners also get referred as inmates, however, the actual meaning of the term is a person who is confined to a single place of residence. Apart from prisoners, patients admitted in a hospital, even though for a limited period of time, are also considered as inmates as they are confined to the place during the period of their stay. There are few other examples as well.
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    Chronic....Something which has been continuing for a long duration. Usually,it is used in case of illness or health conditions such as high blood pressure,asthma , bronchitis.

    Chronic can be used in other ways also... Example... After Covid-19 struck the whole world,there is a chronic shortage of money among people of the world.

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    Any person of a group occupying a single place of residence
    especially: a person confined to a prison or hospital. This is the meaning given by Merriam - Webmaster. A person living in a hostel along with other people will also be called an inmate.
    Acute. This word is used many times by all of us. The dictionary meaning of this word is very serious, extreme, or severe. There is an acute shortage of food in that area and people are starving for food.

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    The dictionary meaning of inmates is the people who are living in prison or hostel or any such isolated facility. But it is generally used for the people who are in the prison. Most of the people are aware only this meaning of this world.
    English language is very rich in its vocabulary because they are very open and adopt words from other languages quickly and in a very fast pace and include them in their dictionary. They have adopted a large number of Indian words in their language.
    It is good to learn new words and it is equally good to learn the correct meaning of the words we already know.
    I will like to add one word here which is vicissitude and it simply means the ups and downs of life.

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