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    Think twice before joining an internet site for earning

    There are thousands and maybe more sites in internet which claim that people can join there and do the stipulated work and they will earn money from it. Many people in a hurry to make money join there but ultimately find that it was a trap and there was no money even after working for so many months and then they quit it.
    There are many content writing sites, literary sites, story and poem writing sites, novel writing sites, question answer sites, survey sites, pick your task sites and the list is very long. Some of them pay some money also however little it might be but the problem is that there are so many rules, regulations, policy matters etc that the member would not be able to adhere with them and many times find himself disqualified for the award or remuneration. It is a frustrating thing for the member but it happens most of the times.
    So one should first understand the architecture of a site, its various conditions etc and then only join it otherwise one would be simply wasting one's time.
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    Yes, I agree with the author of this thread. Most websites, which promise you the moon in the beginning are nothing but scams. Very often people are lured by the carrot of attractive returns that these sites dangle in front of you and at the end after all your labour and time, you realize that you have been taken in for a ride. So one has to be very careful while accepting such offers. Be very watchful in case they ask for financial information as well. Not all true sites request such details at the initial stages itself.

    There are however, few sites that do pay and pay well also. Some two years back, in the initial stages of corona, I too had joined one such site and worked for some months. They were paying well, but it had it's own limitations. They were very much time bound. I mean they used to give deadlines for every task, in which you had to submit your work. Among other demerits were - you don't get to choose the topic or the genre you get to write. It will be allotted by them only. All the tasks were of repetitive kind, just like one gets to see in a assembly line in a manufacturing company. You had to exaggerate the things. Finally, the work you accomplished, won't see your name. There was no community forum like ours here, to connect with other contributors. You simply had to work anonymously. I didn't like this style of working and as such left it even though the returns were good. In fact, there is simply no place like ISC. More than financial returns, it is the camaraderie that we feel here that goes a long way in holding our interest in the site. No wonder members like Mohan and others have been regular with the site for more than a decade.

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    It is the fact that the online internet sites which are in garb of providing some relief to the unemployed are actually playing a hide and seek game and try to squeeze out money in one way or the other. There was a site in which the running content of a poem need to be submitted within one week and that runs into thirty pages and they offered to pay 900 and they have taken registration fee as 1000. After sending the money, they sent the content and that is the direct lift from a old novel with lots of English names of past, with lots of semi colons, comma, and the names are not started with capital after full stop and when we we write correctly the content get rejected. This way the deposited amount is not returned and writing those running matter takes at least two hours per page and the time was wasted and nothing earned.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Though some members are already aware of all this things but everyone should take care in this matter.
    Knowledge is power.

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    That is true. These days there is no field where there are no traps. Deceiving the people has become a common point these days. So we should be careful and we should suspect everything and examine thoroughly and then only we should start working. There are many sites that will get the work done and will not pay what they promised.
    But there are some genuine sites which will pay what they promised.
    I need not mention separately that ISC is very reliable. All the members very well know this fact. Similarly, there are some online survey sites where they promise some points and give them as promised. We can use the points or even we can encash them into our Paytm account.
    I never tried other unknown sites where the payments are doubtful. I see and study the site completely and then only I start working.

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    Yes, there are plenty of such sites. I always have joined the sites after being referred by a friend. I am presently working on 2 sites which are good and pay. One should be careful while joining the sites. One should not submit money for registration on any site. Those sites which ask for money are always fake.

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