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    Why do some people are afraid to try something new

    Maybe they're scared of change. I mean, I too have felt this way and would like to do things that I have already tried before. New is scary. New is alien. And new is definitely unwelcomed. That's why so many people don't want to do it, in fear of having to put up with their own frustrations of leaving out the past things they do. something like risking or betting in some live casino game

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    If you want to progress in life then embracing the new way of approach to every task and every issue on the hand would give you the better idea and even sort out the same to the destination part. Those who have not taken risk are never progressed. For example if someone has the money and keeping idle, it is wise to use and invest in the real estate so that the property thus purchased would appreciated in the silent way and what more the value in future would be mind boggling. And if someone does not want to take risk and keep the money in the home or at the bank, it wont fetch the desired results and once the money is seen we want to spend it on wasteful unwanted things and thus hard earned money is gone. So those who have invested their money in real estate between 1980 and 1990 are the richest persons across the world.
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    Please go through the rules, regulations, and policies of this site and I am afraid that promotion of ones own work is not allowed in this site. You can of course contribute the contents as per the admissibility of this site and you can be a member here for a long time by contributing articles and other education related material. Go through the content here and from that you will get an idea of what type of things you have to contribute here for learning as well as earning in due course of time. All the best.
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    Promotional posts are not allowed on this site, I think. It is better you should know the dos and don'ts of this site before you start contributing. Go to the help topics and read them so that you will understand the site in a better way. There are specific rules and regulations for each section. In the forum index on the top of the list, you will see some pinned posts and try to read them also. They are threads that are well written and you can understand them easily. So read those rules and get a full understanding of the site and then start posting your work. That will make you understand the site well and you will enjoy your work here. So please do the homework before you start working seriously here. I wish all the best to you
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