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    Blame game of external factors and internal factors on the performance scale

    When the blame game starts for low performance in any organization the average performer would shift the blame on external factors which are main cause for his bad performance. And when the same question is put to the best performer and yet could not achieve the target, he would blame it on internal factors on the performance scale. The first reaction was vague and does not take the responsibility of under performance , where as the second reaction was truly professional and starts to probe ways and means to fix the problems internally so that best performance can be proved next time.
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    If a good performer is failed in a particular task people will not question him very seriously, as he was a good performer and his earlier record was good. But a low performer or average performer may be questioned more as their past record also was not good. The blame game is there everywhere and only bold people can accept their mistakes or low performance. A person who wants to grow and achieve higher positions in their career should not indulge in such a blame game. He will understand why there is a problem, where things went wrong and learn the lessons and he will keep these lessons in mind and never repeat the same mistake again. He will use the information for his better meant and make his weak point as strong points. Such people try to improve from task to task to show their efficiency to the organisation and pave ways to reach the top post. That should be the attitude of all the employees so that they will grow in their profession.
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    Generally we see that a performer doing the best always is not being questioned in case he fails once or twice but the same thing is not applicable for the low performer and he might be questioned for his tremendous performance shown by him in the next time. There could be the doubt for his sincere achievement if he has really improved.
    Let there be such an attitude of the people questioning his integrity but he is not afraid of such an attitude of the people and has developed himself for showing a better performance consistently, it could be said to be his real progress. Winning the game should be the strategy of the people and once there is such an attitude, there will be overall progress of such people.

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    Whenever a performer fails in a task or job then he will blame something for it. In most of the cases he will either blame the internal problems or external problems or unavailability of some data or something which had caused that failure. Management knows all these old tricks and it will soon find out if he is telling a correct thing or not. It is only for the satisfaction of the person that he makes an excuse for it or blames some external or internal factor.
    In any good company this is taken as an adverse entry whatever be the reason for that failure. Some intelligent workers or officials take this point seriously and keep this in their mind and always tell the management beforehand that if they do like that then those are the problems which they could encounter and they have to take some measures for that in advance.

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