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    You may be mood shame from inside, but behave outside

    It is the fact that we are greatly guided and valued by the mood and facial expression of ours towards others and we might have gone through the mood shame moment few minutes back from inside, but that need not be revealed to others and we have to change our facial expression for the sake of behaving outside with others. Sometimes we can even forget the just concluded bad thing that happened to us when we mingle with others and share the best of our life and our glow of face from outside would make it very comfortable for others to react and respond accordingly.
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    That is true. Our facial expressions will indicate our mood to others. Our emotions will be visible on our faces. It is very difficult to hide these feelings. But some people hide them very nicely and never make their feelings known to others. Those people are able to behave in the same way in any situation.
    Once I was in my office and negotiating with union people. I received communication on phone about the demise of my mother's father. I finished the meeting and am about to start. I have not disclosed the issue to any person. I was about to start. Meanwhile, two unions started quarrelling among themselves just in front of the factory. I have to rush there and see that they will disperse and then I have to start. All the work has to be carried out without showing any emotions on my face. Somehow, I was able to complete the total work and then left for my native place.

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    Face the index of mind and many times the face tells us as what the other person is having in his thoughts about us or about the issue being discussed. Some strong and intelligent people don't show their inner feelings on their faces and as an administrator ir leader they are always successful in their career. But such things come only after experience gained in this matter and having a great idea about the psychology of other persons. On the other hand we can make out everything from the face of an ordinary person when he is angry or happy or he doesn't like our talk or likes it immensely whatever the case may be.
    Controlling oneself and controlling one's sentiments and emotions and not allowing them to come on the face is a great art and very few people possess that.

    Knowledge is power.

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