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    Which is best- Talk briefly, or leaving voice message, or texting with emoticons?

    When it comes to using the cell phone we need to be very selective according to the people and we must exercise the choices available with us. For a close relation or person when we want to share some thing talking over the phone is the best way to get connected and that should be briefly, when we want to convey something to many, it is better to send a voice message so that personal connectivity is maintained and the reply would be sure enough. , and for others mere texting with choicest emoticons would make them floored and thus we can use the cell phone in more professional way.
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    We have to use the facility based on the situation and necessity. Based on the situation we have to use. Some people like to receive messages instead of talking over the phone. They will see the message based on their convenience and then reply. Some people like to hear when we talk and finalise then and there.
    If the messages are just formal you can use emoticons. But when you want to send official messages it is better not to use emoticons.
    Sometimes we will be busy and we may not have time to type and during such times we can send voice messages. One of my friends was not comfortable typing and so she used to send voice messages only and she used to like to receive voice messages only.
    So we can't say a particular system is good and the other is bad. Every system will have its advantages and disadvantages and the user has to decide which is better for that purpose at that point in time.

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    Now a days people are talking less to each other and in its place they are sending the messages ir chatting or putting some emoji just to show their mood on the text received. It depends on our relations with our friends, relatives, or other online friends what type of medium we want to use for them in different situations. Sometimes even a simple like makes a person happy while at other times even a long comment is not much useful. So it is natural that we have to use all these in a proper way seeing the delecacy of the situation and demand of the occasion.
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    I think the question is somehow answered in the thread itself according to the preferences of the author. It all depends on the situation and availability of the people. When someone is busy it is not possible for the person to answer the calls and then sending/receiving messages is the better option. I think it also depends on the urgency of the situation. When you wish to convey something that requires immediate attention, then calling the person is the best way rather than sending a message. Though people are very busy nowadays talking to them once in a while is much better as it creates an emotional attachment.

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    This is according to the situation and person. We cannot simply tell about a disease to a doctor or about a case in court of law. To some managers or higher ups, the reply should be very short as told by Hanuman. Some managers or higher ups need the subordinate to tell briefly from top to bottom where he or she attended a work assigned.

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