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    Respect is commanded and not demanded

    There are some people who just by virtue of their positions dominate the people under them and expect respect from them. They may not have a very good knowledge of the things and they will not be able to direct the people under them in a proper way for the overall benefit of the organisation but just by that their position they will try to create fear in the minds of their juniors. These people do not understand that respect is commanded and not demanded. Only those people can get respect who have good knowledge of the things as well as they have good relations with the subordinates not only in guiding them but helping them in understanding the things in a proper perspective for the overall progress of the company. What is your opinion on this?
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    That is very true. There are many people who command respect by virtue of their position. They behave as if they are supreme and people respect them with fear. Once they are out of their position, nobody will care for them and respect them.

    But some people will respect others even though they are in power. They never misbehave or belittle other persons irrespective of their position. Such people command respect and they will be respected by all even after retirement or going out of that power.

    One should always remember that we are all human beings. We should not treat anybody in a way in which we don't want others to treat us. As long as we keep this in our mind and behave ourselves we will be treated nicely by other people also. Never ill treat anybody by seeing their weaknesses. Help them and see that they will come out of their weakness. Then they will respect you always.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went into the epic Ramayana where in when the Hanuman is caught for destroying the Lanka with fire, the furious followers of Ravana wants to give biggest punishment and wants to produce before Ravana. In the hall, Ravana tells that no body should give the respect and we need to take tough action against the intruder. But while Hanuman enters with style chanting Rama name, Ravana was the first one to give him the standing welcome and followed by others. So what it means here that the respect is commanded and not demanded. It all matters on the personality of the opposite person, the knowledge power, and above all one step than others in behavior would get the desired respect automatically. Likewise in company also we should have knowledge of all job to get the desired respect.
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