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    You become good teacher when you can teach the weaker ones better.

    Teachers play a very important role in our lives and have a lifelong impact. The question is who do we call a good teacher and who earns our respect the most.
    Those who can teach the students who are weaker in academics and hesitant and bring them out in the forefront are the ones we remember lifelong, not the ones whose only focus is the syllabus and intelligent students.
    Often a very enthusiastic teacher is made fun of by the children for their extra efforts but at the later stages of life, children respect these over-enthusiastic efforts putting teachers more than those who lets them have fun and rest.
    What have been your experience in this sense?
    How will you judge and identify a good teacher?
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    A good teacher may I have a very good knowledge of the subject and method of presenting his lectures to the students. But if his teachings are restricted to only the top level of the students then all the the weak students will be deprived of the teachings and learnings that would otherwise come to them through a better teacher in that respect. From this it clearly implies that the teacher has to see the average intelligence level of the students in the class and should modify his way of teaching or level of teaching to that standard so that most of the students are benefited by that lecture. Many teachers know this fact and are well aware about this problem of the inconsistency in the academic levels of the students In a class and they prepare and deliver their lectures to accommodate all of them.
    While adopting this technique some of the bright students may feel bored or yawn in the classroom but teachers should take it in the normal way and give them some different classwork work or homework so that they are engaged in that and don't feel that they are not engaged.

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    A classroom consists of not less than forty students. The students will be of different entry behaviors. Their ability to understand the subjects will be different. Some students who are intelligent understand the subject in the very first teaching. The topic is repeated for the benefit of slow learners. Sometimes repeating for the third time may be required depending upon the difficulty level of the topic. There will be always some students who cannot understand or do not want to learn. The classroom teaching is mainly targeted towards the average students. The weaker students have to approach the teacher and ask him to teach them until they understand. This may not be possible.

    The teacher will be given the topics to be taught and the time frame to do so. Examinations will be held after a specified time. In these circumstances, it may not be possible for the teacher to teach such that a weaker student can understand the subject. It all depends upon the interest of the student and the time the teacher will be able to spare. The teachers are assigned many works not related to teaching and this will take some of their time.

    The weak students need some separate coaching which may or may not be possible for the teacher. In general, a good teacher is expected to teach the students effectively and cause behavioral changes.

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    A good teacher may have a high level of understanding not only from an academic point of view but also about the interest of students because sometimes a teacher is explaining a single concept to a weaker student repeatedly but even after a large number of repetitions, he can not learn it. Now, in that case, the teacher had done very well on his part and focused well on the weaker one also but he fails to understand that the student is not interested in the subject. So for this, first he should motivate the student towards the subject which only comes if he understands the area at a which students are lacking.

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    Nicely told by the author as the main job of the teacher is to bring inclusive knowledge among all the students and special attention on those who are weaker and make them the better learned child. In a class of 40 the first day itself is made known to her by way of seating arrangements the children choose because the weaker among them would sit with their group and so on. But a teacher should not discriminate between them and try to have the tie up with the best and average, average and the weak, so that they are mentally being prepared for the good studies in future. Teacher should not ask any questions to the weaker section as that would hurt them because of no knowledge, instead she should make them learn and then ask question to be appreciated by entire class and this would give them the big leap.
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    A good teacher should be able to recognise the weakness of each student who is studying under him and see that he will put in extra efforts in that area and convert the weakness as a strong point. Such teachers will be remembered forever in their lives by their students.
    I remember my Professor under whom I did my PhD forever. He made me a true researcher by his guidance and made me study so many areas of science so that I will become good at that. As a matter of fact, he made me study so many books by sitting in the library and that exercise helped me a lot in my career at a later stage. That is why I keep remembering him always and I am in regular contact with him. I will call him and talk to him once in a while.
    Many of the teachers during my school days used to take extra care towards the students who are weak in their subject and see that they will come up in that subject also.

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    Really it is correct. Teaching the subjects to the bright students is not a talent but to make clear to the students weak in the subject and making them to appear well in the examination is really a talent to a teacher. Many teachers taking the class itself in the manner as they please but there are teachers making the students to attend the class with deep interest and remember the teachings even after the leaving the classrooms. I am remembering the teachings of my high school teachers, primary school teachers and even college lecturers. One day I casually noticed some marketing people for some household items, in the street by holding boards both of his front and back of bodies which is normally told as 'sandwich boards'. When I saw that I just remember the word sandwich boards as told by my Professor Mr. C. S. Krishna, who took marketing class in my degree, that is before 45 years. Teaching should be like this.

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