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    Silence is not a clear cut affirmation

    During discussions between a group of people or on individual to individual basis sometime one person tells something but the other person neither says no nor tells yes and keeps quiet. Many times people take this as yes only but it is not what that person meant by silence. Actually he is telling that he is not a party to your proposition and this signal is as good as no. So we have to be careful while talking with people who many times keep silence on our questions, or propositions, or offers, or teachings etc.
    We must get a clear cut affirmation or yes from that person and then only we will be sure that he is with us and he wants to join willingly in that particular task or endeavour which we are thinking to undertake in a combined mode.
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    Some people will have that as a strategy. A cat on the wall can jump either side. The same is the case with the people who keep silent when a discussion is going on without coming out with their ideas or objections. Afterwards, they can use their silence the way they wanted.
    Some people say silence is half acceptance only. Many times it happens some of the participants will not open their mouths and simply go on hearing what others say. They may open up at a later stage seeing the way in which the discussions is going and trying to support the winning point. That will be their strategy.
    I have seen some other type of people. Before the discussion, they will meet separately. They will decide what should be their point. Among them, some may start talking aggressively and another person may be silent. So we should not take silence as acceptance and we should try to make that person also speak.

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    What the author said is right. Many a time a person is punished for no fault of him and this is happening in the police station as the police would catch hold of wrong person and try to extract truth from him and being caught and no other go, the person goes to the silent mode and goes through the atrocities of police excess. But over the period of time police would also understand that fact that they have gone too far for nothing and try to pacify the person by offering food and drinks. Even then the person is silent and utter no protest. Here the police become nervous because he need to be produced before the court and the police brutality would be exposed and cannot be concealed. And here wins that person as the judge would hear him and take the police for wrong confinement and beating red and blue.
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